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Cannot figure out how to create a personal voicemail message


Cannot figure out how to create a personal voicemail message

Everytime I go to voicemail > settings > personalize voicemail, I get this message that says "you will be transferred to the voicemail system. Follow the voice prompts for changing your greeting and setting your password" so I click ok and then I get this message "The person you have called is unavailable right now, please try again later." then something in spanish then "message two switch 161". Those three messages repeat and then I hear the dial tone. I don't actually know what I'm supposed to do and I tried reading me Basic Guide for my phone but it hasn't helped.I'm hoping someone can explain what I am supposed to do to be able to record a personal greeting for my voicemail.


Cannot figure out how to create a personal voicemail message

If you're tapping "voicemail" meaning it's an icon on your phone, then you have Visual Voicemail.  And I think it may be erroring out in some way.  Are you able to hear your voicemail messages, and/or are they appearing in the app? If you'd like, you can private message me by clicking on my avatar and give me your name and phone number.  We can even set up a time to speak personally and work on the issue.  By the way, you should be able to simply "dial" your 10 digit number and hear your voicemail inbox with all of the standard voice prompts.  But, it sounds like we may need to refresh certain elements of your profile to completely resolve the issue.  You can always just call in to technical support as well.

Let me know.


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