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Factory Reset the LG Optimus S


Factory Reset the LG Optimus S

The factory reset clears all user data and 3rd party applications, restoring the device to it's original factory settings.  It's often recommended following a software update to help resolve or clear compatibility issues  Prior to performing the reset, it is recommended to backup your personal data (see below) and then remove the SD card.

Note: This will not remove Operating System software from your device (Froyo, Gingerbread, etc.) 

Factory reset steps:   

   1. From the main home screen, select Menu

   2. Select Settings, then select Privacy

   3. Select Factory Data Reset

   4. Select Reset phone

   5. Enter the password if prompted, and select Erase Everything

If the device is frozen, follow these steps:

   1. Remove and reinsert the battery

   2. The device will power on

   3. Hold Volume down, Home, and Power buttons until the reset screen appears

   4. Select wipe data/factory reset (using volume down) and press Menu

   5. Select Yes and press Menu  

Information on backing up your Android device:

How do I backup my information on an Android handset? 

Backing up your Android Phone   


Awesome post worked great. Thanks


can u send those instructions to me too, ive had issues with my phone and i need to reset it. Sprint doesnt give a f about the problems their products are having and im tempted to drop sprint and get straight talk or verizon.


do you still have those instructions


The LG Optimus S is the worse phone that was ever made.I went thru 4 phones in less than a year what a nightmare..Do yourself a favor just get a different phone..Those phones are JUNK!!!

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