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Horrible customer service regarding the Optimus S Gingerbread update


Horrible customer service regarding the Optimus S Gingerbread update

On 9/14/2011 my LG Optimus S received the Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update after declining the update a few times. This update was pushed to my phone without my consent. As a result of this "update", I have experienced the following issues:

  1. Decreased battery life

  2. Unresponsive touch screen
  3. The phone powering itself off
  4. The phone rebooting at times
  5. The phone locking up forcing me to remove the battery in order to use it
  6. The SD count automatically unmounting
  7. My car charger not being able to charge my phone. When I power the phone off in order to try to charge it, the phone will automatically power back on.

After several days with these issues, I decided to restore my phone to factory defaults this afternoon. This was a possible solution posted on the forums here. This solution did not work for me and I am still having the above issues. I decided that I had dealt with the issues enough and decided to stop by a Sprint store to see what support I could get. The store rep. informed me that the closest repair center was across town and I go drive there for support. When I express my unhappiness with driving across town, the rep. became rude to me. I left the store and called Sprint customer service. After a period of hold, I was finally able to speak to a rep. (after going through 2 other reps) and was informed that there was a Sprint repair center ~2 miles from my house. I asked what the hours of operation were and was told they were open from 10AM to 8PM. I drove to the repair center and arrived ~6:45PM. After talking to the rep there, I was informed that the store is open until 8PM but their service center closes at 6PM. The service rep made an exception and was able to assist me after hours. This was a welcoming sign after dealing with the various other reps today. The service rep informed me that he will order a refurbished phone as a replacement for my phone, which is ~9 months old. I expressed my displeasure of receiving a refurbished phone as a replacement but was informed that that was my only option other than to suffer with the issues until there is a software fix. I was also informed that the screen protector, which I purchased for my phone, could not be reused and I would have to purchase another one. SO now, on top of getting a used phone, this "update", which was pushed without my consent, will now cost me money as I will have to purchase another screen protector.

The refurbished phone was ordered and should arrive in 3-5 business day.

I then called customer service again to inquire as to why after 9 years as a customer, I should remain a Sprint customer on account of all these issues. I asked to speak with a supervisor but instead got an account specialist. After venting to the account specialist, I was informed that if I was unhappy in getting a refurbished phone that I could spend $25, which was originally $50 but she could make deal for me, I could purchase a refurbished Blackberry or some other refurbished phone. WTF?!? When I again asked to speak with a supervisor and after more time on hold, I finally spoke to a supervisor. I asked why I should remain with Sprint after all these issues and was told that the choice was mine. The supervisor did nothing to convince me to stay. After explaining how unhappy I was again with Sprint's response and how this update will cost me the cost of a new screen protector to put on my refurbished phone from Sprint, they ordered me, at no cost, a screen protector, which is a lesser quality one that I have on my current problem-laden phone.

So after a couple of hours of dealing with several reps from Sprint, I get a free crappy screen protector and a refurbished phone for all my troubles Sprint has caused. I am still left wondering why after 9 years with Sprint, I should remain a customer. I am also wondering how to get a class action lawsuit against Sprint if there is not already one started as a result of this update, which once again was installed without my consent that created these issues.

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