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How do I find content that I've downloaded?


How do I find content that I've downloaded?

Okay, so I purchased the LG Optimus S...I upgraded from the Samsung Instinct S30..and now..I wish I hadn't..I have looked through every single page of that manual that Yoda himself wrote and there is nothing in there for this...I have looked online and can't find any help..and then I call Sprint..and get some woman that just copies everything that I say...Does anyone know how to get content that I have sent to this phone on my phone?? It just  says "starting download" and never does anything else..then I keep looking for it and it's not there..There isn't even an area on the phone for "downloaded" sections..Anyone have any answers before I throw this phone out the window?

Oh Oh Oh..ALSO, is there any way possible to get all that crap off of the "homepage"..I have pushed every button known to man..(and some that LG probably didn't know about) and isn't seems to be impervious to screaming, foul language and threats of violence..

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Re: How do I find content that I've downloaded?

Download "Astro" file manager and your downloads will be in the download folder.

To delete shortcuts or widgets from a screen long hold on them and a trashcan will appear towards the bottom of the screen, Drag/Drop in onto it.

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