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How do I transfer my contacts from HTC Touch 6900 to LG Optimus S?


How do I transfer my contacts from HTC Touch 6900 to LG Optimus S?

I recently upgraded my HTC Touch 6900 to LG Optimus S. My problem is I do not know how to transfer all my contacts from my old phone to the new one. Need some help here...Can anyone show me how in the layman's term please...thank you.

Sprint Product Ambassador

Are the contacts on your Touch stored locally on the phone, or did you have them synced to an Exchange or Google Contacts system in the cloud?

If they are on the Touch, there should be some way to export them -- I haven't used a touch in a couple of years so I'm a bit rusty there.  Anyone with a Touch care to chime in?

Once they are exported from the Touch, my suggestion is to import them into your Google Contacts account, then sync the LG Optimus with your Google account.  That's the most secure and reliable solution - then if you lose or replace the phone, all of the contact data is safe on Google's servers, and can be easily re-synced to your new phone.

Also, you can edit, update, create or delete contacts from your desktop (via GMail) and have those changes reflect on your phone without having to manually sync.

Another option is to set up a Ready Now appointment with your local Sprint Service and Repair center and they can use their machine in the store to transfer contacts from the Touch to the LG.



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