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Is Sprint customer service as bad as corrupt 2.3.3 update or worse??


Is Sprint customer service as bad as corrupt 2.3.3 update or worse??

On or about Wednesday, September 21, 2011 my phone said it was updating and rebooted itself. It was the new 2.3.3 version. The first thing I notice was the black top with neon green, I didn't really like the black but it was just cosmetic and didn't really bother me. What did bother me was that the keyboard had changed. I did not like it, especially the fact that it's predictive text was horrible, totally useless in fact! Instead of predicting the word it gives names in your contact list and words you have used on your phone and they all start with a capital letter. I called it about it and they said that there would be a maintenance update sent out within the next week or 2 that would fix it. On Saturday my phone shut off by itself and I could not turn it back on using the power button, I took the battery out and put it back in and was able to turn it on. Sunday morning my alarm did not go off and I woke up late. My phone had shut itself off. I called Sprint customer care, on the way to church. The girl I spoke to said she would call me after church and get me though to a technician who could help me. Her supervisior got on the phone to confirm the call back which we scheduled for 1pm EST. She never called me back. After 2pm I called Sprint. Basically was told that I needed to take the phone to a repair center, nothing they could do. I did not want to do that as I had learned from my last experience that they would just hard reset it and that would only give me more aggrevation and probably not fix ther problem. Monday morning same thing happened, woke up, no alarm, phone was off. Took it straight to Sprint store, where they told me they would have to hard reset it. The guy assured me that it would more than likely fix the problem. It didn't, Tuesday morning same story. At this point I had noticed other problems with my phone, I couldn't save contacts, I couldn't set a personal ring tone, I was having problems when typing in forms online, and sometimes when I was on a call I was not getting notices of incomeing calls. If they did not leave a voice mail I would not even know I had missed a call.

I called Sprint and was told by a supervison that she was aware of the problem, she herself had the same phone with problems, but that the technician could downgrade the system for me. She transfered me to the technician who told me that was not true. He told me that they were aware of the problem and their only solution was to replace my phone. The replacement phones are refurbished, not new. I don't have a problem with that, but I want it to at least look new as this is no fault of my own that I have to keep replacing my original new phone. I was struggling to accept the situation and asked him to call me back in 2-3 hours. After 4 hours waiting I called Spint and spent more time being aggrevated. While on the call with them the technician called me and left me a voice mail, but I did not get to talk to him. Luckily he sent me an email, he had created a ticket for me to go get a replacement. I was told by Sprint that I could not do this over the phone. I had to spend my time and gas to go to the Sprint store wait for an hour so that they could write up an order for the replacement phone. What a waste of my time, this should have been done over the phone. I told the gentleman to make a note that I wanted a phone with a clean screen, no scratches. He said he did. I was to come back on Thursday.

I went in on Thursday, waited for almost an hour to pick up the phone and low and behold there were mulitple scratchs on the screen!!!! I know it might seem petty, but is it too much to ask? They ordered a replacement, now I was to wait till Monday, 4 more days with a bad phone. I called Spint totally beyond frustrated. I was speaking to a supervisor who told me she could get me anther phone to replace mine, not an LG Optimus, and it would be full touch screen, no keyboard, and I wouldn't not have to pay anything, she wanted to restore my faith in Sprint. She put me on hold, after awhile a girl picked up the phone and asked me for my number. Seems I was put back into the system. I explained that I need to talk to the supervisor and told her the name. She asked me what was the problem. I told her very briefly and asked again for the supervison. The girl got an attitute and kept trying to get me to give her all the details, which I was so sick and tired of giving and I just wanted to get back to the supervisor who was helping me. She put me on hold and never came back, after about 20 minutes of holding I hung up and called back. Of course you can never get to talk to who you were because there are over 100 call centers!

I finally got put on with another supervisor who assured me that she could get me this great new phone, but she had to put me through with the tech department, he assured me he could get me this great new phone, but he had to put me thought to a supervisior, who assured me, but had to put me though to someone else who finally told me the truth, they were all liars and no one at Sprint could do anything for me. I had to get my replacement thought the Sprint store. She was kind enough to say she would credit my account an inconvienince fee of $25, well at least that will cover the gas for all the trips to the Sprint store!

This morning (Friday) I talked to the manager of the Sprint store. He explained my options: get the replacement, hope it has good screen and works the way it should or down grade to a Samsung Intercept with touch screen and keyboard. He said he could in no way help me get a better phone. I am so disappoint in Sprint and their policies that only benefit them. I guess I am used to dealing with companies that want to make their customers happy and will go out of their way to make sure of it. Not say sorry you are having this terrible experience but I can't do anything to make up for it. Here's $25 for your inconvienience.



     I am sending you a PM, please check your inbox.

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Sorry...if you haven't already taken other actions, you can revert back to the previous software load (Froyo).  This post includes a link with instructions.   

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