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Issues after LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update


Issues after LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update

5/2 - this thread is being locked.  Please post any comments regarding the latest update in a new discussion.  Thanks!

4/2 - A software update to correct these issues is being rolled out beginning 4/4  Please refer to this thread for information

       on the update.


As a temporary solution, a download has been made available to revert back to the previous software version (Froyo). 

Please see this post for additional information. 


Based on your feedback, Sprint and LG are investigating issues reported following the LG Optimus update to Gingerbread. 

Most of these issues are intermittent and are not experienced by all customers.  Workarounds are noted below where applicable.   

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

9/27 - Sprint and LG are continuing to troubleshoot these issues and will provide more information as it becomes

         available.  In addition to the temporary workarounds noted below, it's also recommended to factory reset your device.  

         You can find the instructions for the factory reset here.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience

9/29 - We are continuing to work with LG and hope to have more information to you very soon. Also wanted to let

          everyone know that the call volume issue has been reported and is being investigated.   

10/3 - As a temporary solution, we are working on making the Froyo software update available as a download. We

         expect to have this available today.  Once it's available, I will provide a link to it in this post.   

          UPDATE:  Here is the post with info on downloading the Froyo software

- Device not charging when plugged into a computer via USB or the AC Wall   Adapter. The Battery status under

  Settings > About Phone > Status will read   "Discharging" while the device is plugged in. 

  Workaround: Charge the device with a wall charger while the device is powered off. 

   If this is not a viable workaround for you, visit or contact a Service & Repair center for a possible exchange.  This

   issue is not occurring on all devices. 

- No access to data services (indicated by the lack of a 1X or 3G next to the Signal Indicator).

  Workaround: From the dial pad, type ##72786# (##SCRTN#) and the device's   MSL. The device will power cycle and

  perform a hands free activation which will resolve the issue.  Note: If you do not know your MSL, contact

  Sprint Customer Service at 888-211-4727 for assistance.

- SD card un-mounted or removed message while the SD card is inserted in the device

  Workaround: Power the device off and back on and the card will be recognized

- Device is not recognized by Windows XP, Vista, or 7 when connected to a PC via a USB connection.

  Workaround: Re-install the LG USB Drivers on the PC: 

    1. Go to http://www.lg.com/us/support/mc-support/mobile-phone-support.jsp

    2. Click on Mobile Drivers

    3. Select the Sprint LGALS670.zip (Sprint Android Drivers for XP, Vista and Win7) package

- Predictive text with the Android keyboard is not working

  Workaround: use the Swype keyboard which will still show predictive text if selected in the settings menu.

    1. To switch to the Swype keyboard:

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Select Input Method>Swype.

    2. To ensure word prediction is enabled when using the Swype keyboard

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Swype> and ensure "Word Prediction" is selected. 

    A community member posted that an app in the Android market helps with this issue.  This has not

    been validated by Sprint, but wanted to pass it on. Here's the link to the app:


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Sprint has gone about this issue 100% the wrong way. I've never been mistreated by customer service so much in my entire life! First the update completely ruined my phone, then I had to "troubleshoot" everything, and it took a MONTH to get Sprint to replace my phone. However, I was told I had to go to a store to get it replaced....went all the way to the Sprint store, who had to ORDER the damn phone, and then I had to come back to pick it up, they would NOT ship me a replacement phone. Well, needless to say, the replacement doesn't half work. It freezes constantly, it's a 50/50 shot I'll even be able to answer a phone call because the screen freezes when I'm receiving calls, it consistantly drops the data connection, e-mails don't sync, and I have a hell of a time trying to get any apps to download. So I contact Sprint because they obviously gave me a bad phone. The first person I talked to, after saying he saw I am ineligable for upgrade...actually said I should just buy a new phone. Then stated I could take the phone back to the sprint location I got it from (I'm 8 months pregnant and home all day with a toddler, I don't feel that I should have to go back and forth because they don't want to provide me with a working phone) and "see what they say". The next person retorted that "you are speaking on the phone right now, so what's the problem?", the THIRD person told me I had to troubleshoot the phone WHILE I am on the phone with them (i do not have a land line or any other means of talking to them), even though I already performed a factory reset or else I couldn't have the phone replaced. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told more than once "I can have one call you". When I finally spoke with him, he was rude & told me unfortunately unless I would reset my phone WHILE they are on the line, they couldn't do anything. At this point I was so irate I told them I am changing companies and hung up. I have absolutely had it with Sprint. They need to care more about their current customers, instead of worrying about getting all the old customers that left their sorry asses back. I switched to them to save money, but back when I had Verizon I never had issues like this, I will for sure be leaving. Maybe Sprint needs to learn to better handle situations that were all originally caused by them from the start.



Sorry to hear about your run around, I can relate! I can't believe that over a month later there are still customers that are getting treated this way. Sprint has a lot of work to do if they want to ever have a company that is not known for it HORRIBLE customer service. They are great to deal with until you have a problem. You should be able to have them help you at a store, maybe you just need someone in the higher ups to contact them on your behalf and help you get it straigtened it out, Dan@sprint.com . I know it is hard for you to get to a store. I went 7 times before getting a new phone that worked. I am just happy the nightmare is over. Unfortunately no one at Sprint has done anything to make up for what I went through so it is highly unlikely I will add any other family members and when our contract is about to expire I will be looking around to see if I can find a company that will give us the same or better plan with new phones:)


It stinks that I was due for an upgrade in December but now I have to wait until Oct. of 2012...Maybe I'll let my contract run out and go to Verizon with my company's phones are with. This phone AND upgrade stinks. Not happy I have to keep it another year...Sprint, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.


It has been almost a month since the last update, can you please give LG a call and see how things are coming? Even if you can't give an ETA, just to know that they are making progress would be helpful. Thank you.


Pickupthepieces FYI and all others on this site I spoke with a representative in Huntsville Alabama at LG this morning (1-800-793-8896.) LG had nothing to due with this update or the repair and use of this update according to "Jake" and he was baffled, but aware of such accusations as to them working on the repair. This is a Sprint issue that is not being addressed.


Thanks for doing that, and for providing the details you received, DrS747.  I just spent a few moments in chat with an LG representative online.  It appears since you spoke to them, Sprint and LG have *somewhat* gotten on the same page (see the part where the LG rep provides the link to the Sprint 2.2 downgrade "fix"), but the LG rep I spoke to did confirm that LG did NOT provide the 2.3 update to Sprint.  Sprint got the 2.3 software, tweaked it for the phone, and pushed it out to Optimus S customers.  This is in direct contradiction to what every single Sprint rep I have spoke to has told me.  They all insist that LG provided the update, and it was their mess to clean up.

The transcript of my chat is below.  What's the deal, Sprint?  Who isn't telling the truth here?

Time of chat:           10/28/2011 1:35:51 PM

Length of chat:           00:13:32

Your name:          Guest

Chatted with:           Miguel

12:35 PM           Miguel:           Hello Guest. Welcome to LG Electronics U.S.A.! How may I provide you with excellent service today?

12:37 PM           Guest:           Hello. I am wondering if LG is aware of an issue with an Android 2.3 update that was pushed out to Sprint customers on the LG Optimus S approximately one month ago. Sprint is refusing to assist us, and they keep directing us to contact LG, saying that it is LG's fault.

12:39 PM           Miguel:           I understand your concern, and I will be glad to help you.

12:39 PM           Miguel:           Actually they have taken responsibility, by requesting customers to downgrade to 2.2 until the 2.3 version is fixed

12:40 PM           Miguel:           They have provided this link, for this purpose

12:40 PM           Miguel:           %LF:ForcePage% http://shop2.sprint.com/en/software_downloads/pda_smartphone/lg_optimus_s.shtml

12:41 PM           Guest:           I am aware of that fix, but I am concerned with the fact that Sprint is pointing blame at LG, saying they have nothing to do with the issue. I am trying to determine if they are continuing to lie to customers.

12:41 PM           Guest:           Is LG in any way working on this issue directly or indirectly with Sprint?

12:43 PM           Miguel:           The updates actually come from the developer to the carrier, if not testes with us things like the current issue may happen

12:43 PM           Miguel:           Now we are working all together to fix this issue as soon as possible

12:43 PM           Guest:           Who is the developer?

12:45 PM           Miguel:           Android

12:46 PM           Guest:           Google?

12:46 PM           Miguel:           Yes

12:46 PM           Guest:           So you're telling me that Google developed this version of 2.3 specifically for the LG Optimus S?

12:47 PM           Miguel:           No.

12:47 PM           Miguel:           Version 2.3 went to the carrier, they adjusted it to the phone, and pushed it into the phones

12:47 PM           Guest:           So Sprint received the update, made modifications, and pushed it out to the phones?

12:48 PM           Guest:           And they received the update from Google?

12:48 PM           Miguel:           As it seems, because we have not received anything until after the issue showed up

12:49 PM           Guest:           Thank you, Miguel. Your answers have been very helpful.


Hmm interesting. I just called the same number (I got a human in less than a minute), and the gentleman said that they are actually working on a new gingerbread update and he was hopeful would be released in the next couple of weeks. He also apologized for any issues I may have had with the original update Sprint pushed out. I'm guessing he just said this to appease me, but we'll see. I'm hoping this phone doesn't fall into oblivion. The fact that Sprint is still selling it gives a glimmer of hope, but I bet it will be gone soon since the LG Marquee is out.


DrS747 wrote:

Pickupthepieces FYI and all others on this site I spoke with a representative in Huntsville Alabama at LG this morning (1-800-793-8896.) LG had nothing to due with this update or the repair and use of this update according to "Jake" and he was baffled, but aware of such accusations as to them working on the repair. This is a Sprint issue that is not being addressed.

That LG rep doesn't know what he was talking about, as most frontline reps at any company. They are there to answer basic questions (which 99% of calls in are for basic things) and anything more complex they won't have a real answer to, they simply try to find stuff i ntheir database and come up with stuff based on what they find. The frontline person will have no idea what the coding team does or probably even where they are located. On the other hand, I am a tech at a corporate store who talks to the software team through internal Sprint forums regularly about issues and can ask these kinds of questions so I can help my custoemrs better. Does everyone do what I do and go the extra mile? No, because they aren't required to. But I try and find the answers because I am just as curious about it. The software updates for Sprint devices are primarily coded by the manufacturer, then sent to Sprint for further testing and adding things like Sprint Zone, etc. into the image for our customers, and it goes back and forth until a stable software build is finalized. Sprint does not code the software and drivers directly for all of the devices we sell.


Well the 2.3 is junk, no matter who put it out there, the testing was a failure, and so is the phone with it installed. BUT, the 2.2 downgrade found and posted on the forum works, and works well, if installed properly as directed by the notes posted with the location of the downgrade. I haven't had any issues with mine since downloading the older version of the firmware. Works like a champ, and all my apps included. The thanks goes to the chap that posted that link weeks ago and LG along with Sprint will hopefully learn from this error.


Thanks to all who are posting about their experiences with the Optimus S upgrade, downgrade and the runarounds we've been getting from Sprint and LG.  It seems like some people, like 1badtk, have had complete success with the rollback to Froyo (2.2), while others have had complete failure.  I'm one of those who had mixed results.  After cleaning out the garbage that we were sent (the "alleged upgrade"), I as able to roll back to Froyo.  My phone resumed charging and keyboard returned to normal after the rollback. 

However, I have had some minor problems.  For example, the SD card "unmounts" on occasion, and on one occasion I got an error that the card was unreadable and needed to be reformatted.  Luckily, after I unmounted and remounted the SD card, it recognized the files.   Also, I've had problems with random reboots of the device during the middle of phone calls.  I suppose that both of these problems could have coincidentally cropped up independently from the Gingerbread debacle, but I suspect they are connected.  I'm particularly concerned with the random reboots, because that sounds like a "kernel panic" in the operating system. 


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Zipless you are not the only one with lingering issues even after the 2.2 downgrade. My wifes phone would spontaniously reboot itself just sitting on the counter as well as freezes when trying to answer a call... that she NEVER ONCE complained about prior to the GB update. The first day we got our phones I installed brand new 8GB micro SD cards and they have worked flawless until after the GB update. Even after reverting her phone she continued to get 'SD card unmounted' messages (although not as often as when she was running 2.3). After removing Sprint ID and switching her to the launcher pro launcher she has not had that error even once. So I am suspecting there is some kind of an issue there with the Sprint bloatware.

Her phone still won't charge via the LG charger (if she leaves her phone plugged in over night it will be totally dead in the morning), but a higher ma motorola charger seems to be a viable work around, so she is currently using that.

My Optimus S phone (which has never had the 2.3 update installed) has never had any of these issues and we got our phones at the same time.

This is a pretty lame sitation for us the customer... as we have to scramble to find solutions to problems we did not cause so that the service we pay for will actually work as expected.

Pretty messed up.


Did you install the new driver for charging from her computer? It all works for me after downgrading back to 2.2.

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