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Issues after LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update


Issues after LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update

5/2 - this thread is being locked.  Please post any comments regarding the latest update in a new discussion.  Thanks!

4/2 - A software update to correct these issues is being rolled out beginning 4/4  Please refer to this thread for information

       on the update.


As a temporary solution, a download has been made available to revert back to the previous software version (Froyo). 

Please see this post for additional information. 


Based on your feedback, Sprint and LG are investigating issues reported following the LG Optimus update to Gingerbread. 

Most of these issues are intermittent and are not experienced by all customers.  Workarounds are noted below where applicable.   

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

9/27 - Sprint and LG are continuing to troubleshoot these issues and will provide more information as it becomes

         available.  In addition to the temporary workarounds noted below, it's also recommended to factory reset your device.  

         You can find the instructions for the factory reset here.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience

9/29 - We are continuing to work with LG and hope to have more information to you very soon. Also wanted to let

          everyone know that the call volume issue has been reported and is being investigated.   

10/3 - As a temporary solution, we are working on making the Froyo software update available as a download. We

         expect to have this available today.  Once it's available, I will provide a link to it in this post.   

          UPDATE:  Here is the post with info on downloading the Froyo software

- Device not charging when plugged into a computer via USB or the AC Wall   Adapter. The Battery status under

  Settings > About Phone > Status will read   "Discharging" while the device is plugged in. 

  Workaround: Charge the device with a wall charger while the device is powered off. 

   If this is not a viable workaround for you, visit or contact a Service & Repair center for a possible exchange.  This

   issue is not occurring on all devices. 

- No access to data services (indicated by the lack of a 1X or 3G next to the Signal Indicator).

  Workaround: From the dial pad, type ##72786# (##SCRTN#) and the device's   MSL. The device will power cycle and

  perform a hands free activation which will resolve the issue.  Note: If you do not know your MSL, contact

  Sprint Customer Service at 888-211-4727 for assistance.

- SD card un-mounted or removed message while the SD card is inserted in the device

  Workaround: Power the device off and back on and the card will be recognized

- Device is not recognized by Windows XP, Vista, or 7 when connected to a PC via a USB connection.

  Workaround: Re-install the LG USB Drivers on the PC: 

    1. Go to http://www.lg.com/us/support/mc-support/mobile-phone-support.jsp

    2. Click on Mobile Drivers

    3. Select the Sprint LGALS670.zip (Sprint Android Drivers for XP, Vista and Win7) package

- Predictive text with the Android keyboard is not working

  Workaround: use the Swype keyboard which will still show predictive text if selected in the settings menu.

    1. To switch to the Swype keyboard:

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Select Input Method>Swype.

    2. To ensure word prediction is enabled when using the Swype keyboard

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Swype> and ensure "Word Prediction" is selected. 

    A community member posted that an app in the Android market helps with this issue.  This has not

    been validated by Sprint, but wanted to pass it on. Here's the link to the app:


Message was edited by: dshoem01 - updated Device not charging

Message was edited by: dshoem01 - updated Predictive text

Message was edited by: dshoem01 - 9/27 update

Message was edited by: dshoem01- 10/3 update

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I have had the identicle experience to balusky, to the letter, exactly as he describes it.  Here is the point Sprint is ignoring:

"2. Telling a customer there is nothing that can be done with regard to an issue that directly impacts the customer's ability to reliably use their phone is beyond unacceptable.  There IS something you can do: You can replace the customer's phone with an equivalent, working model, at no cost to them and without penalizing them with regard to their time in-contract.  And, as I have said repeatedly in this forum, "you will have to wait for the update" is NOT a solution, particularly when customers have been waiting for THREE MONTHS for an update that has been repeatedly promised.  I cannot believe a company with the resources of Sprint could be so incompetent as to take three months to provide a working version of the most popular mobile OS on a very common phone.

Sprint has violated customer trust with their handling of this issue.  It is shameful.  They hide behind contract jargon that states customers must pay regardless of Sprint's ability to reliably provide working hardware and services (read the fine print, folks...that's exactly what it says).  I join the chorus of others here who are stating they will get their wireless services from somewhere else when the time comes."

I have stopped communicating with you all because it is simply a waste of my time.  I have spent hours in my store, a corporate store in Sprint's hometown of Kansas City!!!  The staff are rude because the phone that THEY sold me simply doesn't work.  Sprint is giving everyone who bought one of these phones the run around, plain and simple.


you need to do a hard reset in other words a factory reset. i had that problem with my phone and after that it works fine. only down side is that its going to wipe the phone clean. so all ur contacts, apps pics music etc will be erased unless saved to ur sd card and u remove it first. i forgot how to do the reset but u can call sprint and they will walk u thru it.

my only issue with the phone now is the fact that since the stupid update bout 3 months ago ..it wont connect to the computer at all, no matter what.. so now i dont know what to do. but i hope i've helped you with ur problem.


Search the fourms for the link to LG for the USB drivers to connect phone to PC.

My MAIN remaining problem is I can hear videos and media through my earbuds but not phone calls.

Sprint reset my phone 3 different times and the headset only worked until I got home each time.

The SD card has to be mounted and the phone rebooted too often.


The Optimus S doesn't run Adobe Flash due to Adobe not coding for Flash to work on certain Arm processors, like the one inside the Optimus. There's NO way that a stock 2.2 Froyo Optimus can run Flash from Adobe...now, a rooted Optimus can be tweaked, and you can lie to the App and fool it into installing, but it freezes unless you overclock or tweak the system components incredibly. And Adobe has no plans to go back and support older hardware like the what's contained inside the Optimus S..so the only solution you'll ever get on the Optimus S for Adobe Flash is rooting and messing with clock speed, which I STRONGLY advise you against doing.


My Lg Optimus won't recognize that there is an update for my phone and I can't even get the Adobe flash player and other apps as the error message is " your phone is not compatible" I had the same apps on my other phone and this is just a replacement, so what is the issue. This is ridiculous as I can no longer get my upgrade to a new phone for darn near a year now. Sprint is really getting on my nerves. I think when my contract is up I will switch to a provider that does not hold it's customers hostage with contracts and can not resolve their own internal issues but offer no real solutions.


if you switch launchers to Launcher Pro, it fixes all these bugs.


So, after 2 months still no fix. I've been a sprint customer for few years already (around 7+) and what's getting me more frustated is that I'm trying to get an upgrade so I get a NEW phone, funny thing is that I'm OK with renewing my contract, but guess what?, they don't want to do that either. So I'm stuck with 2 Optimus S, Sprint is not taking responsability in this issue, Sprint doesn't want to provide upgrade with or without contract extension.

Sprint, refusing to upgrade WITH contract extension to affected users is the MOST STUPID business desicition I've ever seen, come on... you guys destroy my 2 Optimus S, don't offer something to affected users, just a "hey WIPE your phone or spend a couple of days in the sprint repair shop --- if they are able to flash the phone --- and stick to your phone for the next year and hope we don't destroy it again or continues to fail", wow... this is really something. I've tried to get a new phone WITH contract extension about 3 times so far, I tried the store located in 113 AVE Kendall Drive Miami FL  and they repesentative didn't even ask his manager, felt like he didn't even want to try override the upgrade (which other stores have done in the past), then I tried to chat -- of course failed and today I tried calling and it seems that they just dont want to extend my contract? I guess that sprint just wants me to shop around for another carrier, --- i have to check how much the cancellation fee is because it might be cheaper just to pay that and get two free phones from a different carrier than trying to buy a phone at full price like sprint is telling me ---.

This has been pretty bad sprint... telling people you are sorry doesn;t work, remember when you charge my credit card and has no money you don't take a "I'm sorry" for me, you go for the credit bureous and destroy my  credit.

I'd like to be contacted by a representative only if they have a viable solution, otherwise don't bother.


Just out of curiousity, has anyone ever gone to the BBB with this?  Not that it would really help, but I too am one tiny tiny step away from leaving Sprint.  I called a month ago and was told Google was coming out with a patch in 2 days.  Then I call tonight and they hang up on me. 

I am going to the store tomorrow to see what they will say.  This could be the last straw...


I reported them. I wanted a month of service refunded and my early termination fees waived. They knocked $100 off. I was tired of arguing with these idiots.

This issue has been happening since September 20th. It is almost December 20th. I left September 27 and I am so glad I did. People - leave Sprint! Give them your vote with your dollar and take that dollar elsewhere!!! Their customer service treated me like crap and told me that my phone not working was not their problem. Even the upper level management working with me on my BBB issue were rude and condescending. The phone cannot support the update. The processor is not strong enough. They gave me a hard time because I didn't go eleventy billion times to a service center to get it checked out. Don't they think that the majority of us have jobs and or school and can't make it? Not to mention, the day I did try and go....the repair center was closed already.  I sold the piece of #$(# phones to Best Buy and didn't look back.

I will never EVER become a Sprint customer again. I still cannot believe this thread is still active after 3 months and there has not been a single update. I'm also glad I left because they got rid of the upgrade program and a lot of people got screwed out of that all because the stupid iPhone came out. I'm much happier with Verizon and my HTC Droid Incredible 2. I would highly suggest that everyone who has had problems create a complaint with the BBB. (It's easy and can be done online) and show Sprint that their lack of compassion and customer care will come back and bite them in the ass!!


BBB is a waste of time.  I swear I do not know the point of the BBB as they cannot/willnot do anything that helps you.  They will never post complaints either so companies can have 1000's of complaints and to the public will look like an A+ company.  There needs to be a BBB complaint agaonst the BBB


Everybody keeps complaining about this update and sprint has posted many threads telling you how to fix your phones. Its very simple read what they posted instead of these treats that aren't really get you anywhere.

So what sprint has said is role your phone back to froyo. When you do this your phone will be better. If you go to a sprint store that is what they are going to do. Sprint did take care of the issue. Saying that the phone can't handle the gingerbread software because of its processor isn't true. Google and LG both have said that the optimus series will run it. So learn to read.


Rolling them back is fine...however, it's still not a "true" fix. I'm happy with the choice I made. If their customer service hadn't sucked from the beginning, maybe I would have stayed with them. I tried to find a news release stating the facts above, but I haven't.


Mikey...  I would suggest that you learn to read first because a) the phone is called the "Optimus", not the "optimistic", and b) countless people, including myself have stated that they rolled their phones back only to have continued issues.

Sprint has handled this poorly. That's the bottom line.

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