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Issues after LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update


Issues after LG Optimus S Gingerbread Update

5/2 - this thread is being locked.  Please post any comments regarding the latest update in a new discussion.  Thanks!

4/2 - A software update to correct these issues is being rolled out beginning 4/4  Please refer to this thread for information

       on the update.


As a temporary solution, a download has been made available to revert back to the previous software version (Froyo). 

Please see this post for additional information. 


Based on your feedback, Sprint and LG are investigating issues reported following the LG Optimus update to Gingerbread. 

Most of these issues are intermittent and are not experienced by all customers.  Workarounds are noted below where applicable.   

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

9/27 - Sprint and LG are continuing to troubleshoot these issues and will provide more information as it becomes

         available.  In addition to the temporary workarounds noted below, it's also recommended to factory reset your device.  

         You can find the instructions for the factory reset here.  Again, we apologize for any inconvenience

9/29 - We are continuing to work with LG and hope to have more information to you very soon. Also wanted to let

          everyone know that the call volume issue has been reported and is being investigated.   

10/3 - As a temporary solution, we are working on making the Froyo software update available as a download. We

         expect to have this available today.  Once it's available, I will provide a link to it in this post.   

          UPDATE:  Here is the post with info on downloading the Froyo software

- Device not charging when plugged into a computer via USB or the AC Wall   Adapter. The Battery status under

  Settings > About Phone > Status will read   "Discharging" while the device is plugged in. 

  Workaround: Charge the device with a wall charger while the device is powered off. 

   If this is not a viable workaround for you, visit or contact a Service & Repair center for a possible exchange.  This

   issue is not occurring on all devices. 

- No access to data services (indicated by the lack of a 1X or 3G next to the Signal Indicator).

  Workaround: From the dial pad, type ##72786# (##SCRTN#) and the device's   MSL. The device will power cycle and

  perform a hands free activation which will resolve the issue.  Note: If you do not know your MSL, contact

  Sprint Customer Service at 888-211-4727 for assistance.

- SD card un-mounted or removed message while the SD card is inserted in the device

  Workaround: Power the device off and back on and the card will be recognized

- Device is not recognized by Windows XP, Vista, or 7 when connected to a PC via a USB connection.

  Workaround: Re-install the LG USB Drivers on the PC: 

    1. Go to

    2. Click on Mobile Drivers

    3. Select the Sprint (Sprint Android Drivers for XP, Vista and Win7) package

- Predictive text with the Android keyboard is not working

  Workaround: use the Swype keyboard which will still show predictive text if selected in the settings menu.

    1. To switch to the Swype keyboard:

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Select Input Method>Swype.

    2. To ensure word prediction is enabled when using the Swype keyboard

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Swype> and ensure "Word Prediction" is selected. 

    A community member posted that an app in the Android market helps with this issue.  This has not

    been validated by Sprint, but wanted to pass it on. Here's the link to the app:

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Isn't the touch screen a pretty basic function of this phone? One of the reasons we all chose this phone? Why do they keep releasing "upgrades" with problems with the basic phone features? Why aren't they beta testing these upgrades and catching these things for themselves before the "upgrade" is released. If the "upgrade" doesn't work, then it's essentially a "downgrade" in my opinion.


Had the ZVJ update for a couple of weeks with no issues until just a few days ago, when GPS became intermittently unreliable and battery decided it never wanted to charge again. Sometimes its charge will go up by 1% but more often it will discharge while the phone is on. When the phone is powered off, sometimes it will decide it wants to charge very, very slowly. These problems appeared unexpectedly after a brief period of smooth sailing. Very sad.

Sprint Employee

This could be cause by high power consumption. Do you have any task killers/security software installed? Do you turn of features while they aren't being used? Which types of email accounts do you have setup?

No longer working Community Response.

No task killers/security software that I have personally installed (not sure if the phone comes with any by default), and I generally only use Gmail. Occasionally I'll add a Hotmail account (not currently set up) and then clear it out. I used to have GPS tracking apps (e.g. Strava Run, Google's MyTracks), but then the GPS started acting funny and would only update my position once every minute or so instead of more frequently like every second. Then the problem with charging the battery occurred, so I uninstalled all of them (and Facebook because it has caused problems with charging in previous versions of Android)... but none of this helped.

Just managed to get the battery to 19% after fiddling with it for a couple of hours. That should be enough juice for me to get to my office and try out my spare charger there.


I've recently received the ZVJ (never upgraded to the old update) and my phone has been having issues charging ever since.  Sometimes it charges, other times it doesn't.  Sometimes it charges VERY SLOWLY.  I never know what I'm getting until I wake up in the morning to find my phone is dead insted of fully charged.  I need a fix for this!


Mine has been doing this recently too. I just tried a spare LG adapter, and it isn't working on my phone either. I have a feeling it's the OS and not the battery or charger (at least in my case).

Sprint Employee

JENSSPARK, are there any applications that you had used the night previous to waking with a dead battery, or to when the phone is slow to charge. Any task killers/security software installed? Which types of email accounts do you have setup? Did you try resetting your phone after you had updated?

No longer working Community Response.
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