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Issues with my LG Optimus S and Sprint coverage in general...


Issues with my LG Optimus S and Sprint coverage in general...

Ok, so I have been with sprint on and off for about 10 years now and this is the only time that I have ever had a problem with the actual coverage and phone. I have never been so disappointed with everything that Im seriously thinking about switching back to Tmobile and thats a first for me to go that far. So here's the rundown:

Coverage issues

Poor signal strength

Voice and 3g services drop at the same time VERY frequently

only has consistent strength when outside (heard about that air rave thingy that you an use in the house...not real excited about that)

*While I only have those 3 listed, they affect the use of the phone greatly. When service goes out, I cant download, make/receive calls, or surf the net, use navigation etc....Very inconvenient.

Phone issues

Had the new firmware update....there are still issues.

Phone still flashes on and off by itself

still hard to make 3-way calls (doesnt go thru when you select the contact from phonebook, you have to dial the actual number. if you dont remember the number ur dialing by heart, then its inconvenient)

freezes while navigating thru the phone for general purposes (i.e. going to change a ringtone, checking email, look at wall papers, looking thru contacts etc...)

Phone freezes while in the process of making a call still even after update.

***Although these things may seem very minimal, they are important when using the phone day in and day out and these things slow you down. I have never had problems with phones or coverage from sprint before until now. It is very upsetting and disappointing.***

My last issue with sprint is that you give us 30 days to test out the phone and to see if we like it and within that time frame alone, we are allowed to switch the phone out, but if it just so happens that 45 days out from the purchase and activation of the new phone, we have all these issues arrising, we have to just suck it up and deal with it. Im not happy about all that. Its to the point where Im SERIOUSLY considering terminating my aggreement and paying the termination fee just to get away from this unecessary drama. I do not like having to leave my phone in a store for 2-3 hours to get it "fixed" and even after that I was STILL having issues. Then I had to do a hard reset and after that it STILL is having issues?? come on, I dont want the same phone supposedly "brand new" just to end up having problems again. My blackberry with Sprint NEVER had problems at all!!!

So whats a girl to do? Trust me when I say, Im weighing my options so we'll see....

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