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LG Optimus S --Can't hear calls on my headphones


LG Optimus S --Can't hear calls on my headphones

This is another issue from the Gingerbread update. It's happening on both my phone and my son's .... I NEED this functionality to take conference calls when working from home!

We were having other issues too, but a factory reset fixed the turning on and off weirdness.  I still can't charge from my car charger. Although once I did that USB workaround device driver install it's charging from the USB again. 

Please, Please, Please provide an update on this headphone issue and provide ANY insight as to when we'll be getting fixes pushed.

The workarounds really are not sufficient. I bought this phone 2 months ago and it is NOT working the way it was or should.

Also, communicating with your LG Optimus owners would be seem to be able to send us marketing promotions specific to our phone types, why not Customer Support emails.  Seriously, this may be LG or Google's fault, but we are YOUR customers---I like Sprint, but I'm not impresses with how this is being handled at all.

frustrated and disappointed.

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