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LG Optimus problem

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LG Optimus problem

Hi there Sprint folk!

I have an LG Optimus that I haven't used since I got my Samsung Epic....but my Epic got stolen the other day. I reported it stolen to Sprint and wanted to order a replacement with my insurance, but due to a hang up in billing I can't place that order yet. In the meantime, I want to use my LG Optimus, but I don't remember the pin unlock, you know, the first screen where you have to enter a 4-6 digit pin to get to the home screen. I've tried everything I can think of, but still no joy.

Is there a cool tricky procedure to bypass that pin screen so I can reset the pin (or turn that option off completely)?

I'd appreciate any tech replies to this question, since no on is available at Sprint now to help me. It would be cool to get a response and have the phone ready to go when Sprint customer service is available in the morning.

Thanks in advance,



LG Optimus problem

This will clear the phone and reset it back to brand new out of the factory (except it will not affect the storage card)

1. Turn the power off. If the Optimus is frozen, pull the battery out and reinsert it

2. Hold volume down, home, and power buttons until the reset screen appears

3. Scroll down to wipe data/factory reset (using volume down) and press menu

4. There will be a lot of no's, and one yes. Highlight yes and press menu

The phone will restart and be just like new and from there you can go through the set up etc...

Thank you


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