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LG error


LG error

My phone is a LG Optimus. My battery was dead and when i started to chrage it, i turned on and a message appears on the screen that says: " sorry. The Launcher application (process has been interrupted unexpected. try again"....i hit the buton but it still appear everytime i hit it and its really annoying because i cant do my stuff... i contacted customer service and they tried to refresh it but it didnt work... then they told me that there was an "outage" in my area and the technicians were working on it...but im still having the same problem out of my area...any idea of what can be??

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Re: LG error

I had the same issue, just about two weeks into using my phone - it has nothing to do with battery, or with service.  It is an error with the Android system.   Tech support first told me I had to reset my phone (caused me to lose all my applications!) then rebuild it (took HOURS) but it fixed it - for a while.   The problem recurred a couple of weeks later.   This time, they sent me to a Sprint repair store, where (fortunately) the guy (Andrew) explained that it was an application problem - probably an app I downloaded from the Android Market that was conflicting with the Google system.   He did two things:  deleted the latest couple of apps I downloaded, and cleared the data from all Google apps that were running.   It worked!    When I went home I . reinstalled the UPS Mobile application - problem started again, but this time VOILA!  I was able to delete the UPS Mobile app, and (knock on wood) no problems since.

Seems to me like this phone is VERY useful, but still in a somewhat "experimental" stage - sort of like the Windows OS a few iterations ago (Windows 95 and earlier).   Remember unexplained bugs?   Dialog boxes in an odd language that can't be resolved?   That's what this felt like.... thankfully there IS a fix.

Good luck

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