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LOOOOOW Storage space Read:below (addendum)


LOOOOOW Storage space Read:below (addendum)

Im having the same problem! I have version 2.2 and have UNinstalled a LOT of the programs that come with the phone that I dont need ie. E entertainment and **** like that. Nothing vital. I get about 50 texts, and I get all these alarms going off about how Im "Low on space" and my texts are being returned for lack of room. Ive downloaded 18 apps since Ive gotten my Optimus S. (7/25/11). And granted the largest one is a 9mb reader. But I have a 4 gb on my micro SD. and according to the phone, I have 33.30 MB left on my phone, which Im assuming is enough room to operate a few texts. and I have 2.93 MB on my SD card. I have moved what I can to my SD which is most of the apps that I have downloaded (remember 18 apps), Ive also "upped" the number of allowable texts and media texts my phone will accept. So it's not those settings either. Ive also done the taking the battery out bit to reset it. And I just dont understand how this can be happening. when I go to: Settings-Applications-running services, the "scale" at the bottom shows the amount of free space in green which takes up 3/4 of the bottom of the screen in green telling me that I have "Avail 123mb +135Mb in 20" So, WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?? This is making me crazy!! Ive waited eagerly for this phone for sometime, and now Im about ready to use it to steady the wobbly table in my kitchen! Or if it tells me I have no more space again, It's gonna become a UFO over Las Vegas!!! This is frustrating and infuriating!! Can anyone help me and make some suggestions?? Thank you!!!

P.S. Im not sure, but I think I fell into the wrong discussion group. MY model of Optimus S is the LS670. Does the information Ive read on this list apply to my model? because when I closed out the list I saw that y'all were talking about LZ670ZVD. Is this the same phone we're talking about? I want to be sure we're all on the same "page" here so to speak LOL.

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LOOOOOW Storage space Read:below (addendum)

Hello theridge69, after you moved the apps that you were allowed to SD how much Internal phone storage was available? how did you "up" the number of allowable texts and media texts that your phone will accept? have you tried deleting a couple of messages then sending one to your self to see if the phone is still rejecting them?

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