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Microphone issues on Optimus S


Microphone issues on Optimus S

Is anyone else out there having issues with the microphone on their  Optimus S? I recently renewed my contract and selected the LG Optimus S. WOW what a bad choice. I am on my 4th phone in 2 months, and this one has the same issues as the previous ones! What are the odds of the microphone being bad on all 4 phones? The first phone I received was supposed to be brand new, but when I was talking the sound of my voice would vary. Person on the other end of the line could hear me fine, then it would fade down. Sometimes it would come back, but most of the time they would give up and hang up on me. I could hear them just fine, but they could not hear me. A friend told me to rotate the phone and see if it comes back. That has worked, but who wants to continually shake their phone to get it to work? Also if you are talking for business/non-personal use, the person on the other end may not tell you they can't hear you so that you can shake your phone! I have had at least 6 different LG phones in our family in the past 6-8 years. We have never had a minutes trouble with any of the other models. I am so frustrated that I could cry! I counted while I was on hold the last time I called customer service and I had called 16 times since I started with this model of phone. And we all know that each of these calls take on average of an hour. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't have 16 hours that I want to devote to phone issues. People complain about issues with apps, phone shutting down and such, but I have never had a phone long enough to install an app! I sure do have the process down to export/import contacts to my sd card though. 


This sounds like a terribly frustrating issue. Do you have other phones that don't have the problem? Does this happen everywhere that you use the phone? This could be something that needs to have a ticket to research the switch and backend provisioning on your number. It may just be device related but the chances of four different phones having the same issue are more remote than the chances that there is a configuration problem.



sharonkjones55 wrote:

Is anyone else out there having issues with the microphone on their  Optimus S? 

I have three Optimus phones on my account.  One of the phones has some kind of pebble stuck in the microphone area (probably from one of the many drops this phone experienced).  None of the phones are experiencing an issue with the microphone. 

One person had an issue with their phone due to the phone case.  But the shaking part doesn't make sense, unless somehow there's something that covers the microphone intermittently.  Due to the way I hold my phone, I occasionally cover the microphone with my little finger if I use my left hand.  I think they could have put the microphone hole in the front of the phone instead of on the bottom.

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