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Mobile Hotspot


Mobile Hotspot

I have Mobile Hotspot on my plan, but where and how can I get the actual application on my phone?

I used to have the Samsung Intercept and had the Mobile Hotspot feature activated and it was working well. I recently switched over to the LG Optimus S. I still have the Mobile Hotspot feature on my plan, but I don't have the actual application to use it on my new phone. I've tried searching for it, but nothing. I also installed the Sprint ID package thinking the app would be on there.


Mobile Hotspot

On the LG Optimus S it is located in Settings > Wireless and Networks > Portable hotspot, it is not a separate application like the other Android devices. It threw me the first time looking for it as well expecting there the be an application.


Mobile Hotspot

I found it. Thank you so much! I wish they did make an application or a shortcut. This seems kind of inconvenient :/ Maybe only slightly, lol

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