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My issues with the 2.3.3 upgrade


My issues with the 2.3.3 upgrade

Problems with the Android 2.3.3 update on LG Optimus S (Sprint)

Please note I am not a direct customer of yours. I am through an MVNO called Kroger IWireless.

1)  battery life is not as good as with v2.2.2.  It drains much faster. I charged it to 100% and I used it for the following:

1.5 hours of browsing facebook, neowin, accuweather, 2 other forums, hotmail, reddit, and a couple others on Wifi

2 hours of music playback with Realplayer  using the EQ app by SA Labs

15 minutes using Airdroid to put 5 videos I downloaded off Youtube to the phone (it also cut out intermittenly and I will discuss this in further detail in another section

15 minutes using app for 3G speedtest 4 attempts on 3G and 2 on Wifi

7 hours approximate time the phone was not in use.

I charged it to 100% approx 18 hours ago. The battery life is at 45% as of  4:17AM 4.20.112

The timer also shows that it has only been on battery for 4 h 51m 14s!!!

This also leads me to another problem

2) Using a timer app for timing my baked potatoes that were in the oven: i set the timer for 1h20m for the taters: The timer would count down fine the first 35 minutes, then the timer would reset to 1h20m and count down again from the beginning! it would repeat this over and over.

3) My screen's sensitivity is different. it's more touchy now and it's too easy to select things by accident. Scrolling with realplayer and some other apps is way slower and very choppy with a playlist of approx 320 songs. it was not that bad with the prev. version 2.2.2.

My sister has the same phone and I have the following usage specs:

She had it charged to 90% before the update as well as me.

Her usage as follows:

20 minutes of browsing, raocow's site, facebook

1 hour of music playback with realplayer using the same EQ app as me

10 minutes on app doing 4 tests

5 minutes downloading and re-installing her kroger iwireless app since it stopped working after I updated.

The battery is at 60% currently and prev. it would be at like 80%

Now is the battery life related to the 2.3.3 update or is it due to having that EQ app in the background? I would like to know this before I do any kind of reverting to the prev. version.


It's worth getting a battery saving app; all it does it turn off data/wifi connectivity along with other resources when the phone is not in use.  It's under $10 so it's worth checking out.  I won't name any app names but there are a ton.  Also, consider getting the extended battery (aftermarket works fine) which extends your battery life by a double.  Combined that with juice saving app, you won't need to charge for at least 24 hours.  I've gone almost two days with very little use and I'm generally a very heavy user.

If spending money on those apps aren't your thing you can always turn off the connectivity every time you turned the screen off.  It just gets comes in very handy in that sense.

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