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Need a little help


Need a little help

I purchased an LG Optimus S about a year ago and it worked great until about a month ago,  I know they had a lot of issues with the update, but that wsa just the start of my issues.  I had a problem with the update, and was sent a replacement phone very rapidly, thanks for that.  After I recieved the replacement phone every thing was fine for a week or so until the new phone erased my SD card and kept freezing my screen.  I called customer service and after about 40 minutes of being transferred around I was told I had to go to a sprint store.  I took my phone into the store and all they could do was a hard reset, very annoying to have to personalize my phone again, but it worked great.  Then about 2 weeks later I started having issues again, my ohone would ring but I was not able to answer the call, the phone would freeze and the only way to get it to work again was to take the battery out.  Again I called customer service and after transfering around for 33 minutes I was disconnected, so off to the sprint store I went.  While at the store I called customer service from a land line and for another 30 minutes I was transferred around and around.  When I finally got to talk to a manager I told him that I have been a customer for the last 13 years and all I want is to get a different brand of phone and to continue using Sprint as my service.  The response I recieved was that I was not eligible for an upgrade until Oct 2012 and all they could do was offer me lesser models of phones for between $49 and $99.  I have been a long time customer and supporter of Sprint especially their customer service, actually a couple of weeks ago I was talking to a long time emploee of Sprint and told him how much I liked dealing with customer service.  This experience has soured my view tremendously and is making me contemplate leaving Sprint for a competitor.  I am looking for a little advise on what to do next

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Need a little help

Please send a private message to SprintCares - They are a back office team that works on things outside the norm.


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