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Network messed up


Network messed up

The reception in my area has always been bad, but the past few months I've notice there is NO reception within almost a mile either direction (Paramount Bl/Candlewood Av, 90805).  I mean NO DATA, NO CALLS and NO SIGNAL, not even 1x?  Not only have we lost all reception, but people have called me complaining that my phone keeps sending the same message numerous times.  I too have also received these duplicate messages, which happen to come from another Sprint customer.  I assume it's the network, because we also have Virgin Mobile in our home too.

Is there a fix?

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Re: Network messed up

I am sorry that you are having issues with coverage and the network in your area. Based on the zip code and cross streets, I see that we have some tower maintenance ongoing in the area. I am attaching the details below, it looks like we should have the issue resolved tomorrow.

Single Cellsite 9571549 At 2012/09/27 15:45:00 we experienced the following Problem(s) in the LA Metro : Los Angeles / Long Beach Market: Single Cellsite (Intermittent service) 09/27/2012 10:45:00 CST 3 09/28/2012 19:20:51 CST 09/27/2012 19:27:02 CST LA73XC327 Long Beach CA 90805
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