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New to Android with Optimus phone, disappointed in talk time


New to Android with Optimus phone, disappointed in talk time

Wow.  I knew I would like Android, after trying it on a tablet around the house.  I like the flexibility that the OS offers to customize my phone the way I like it (I've no use for Sprint ID, btw).  But what gives with battery life? 

Okay, admittedly I have only had the Optimus a few days.  However, I'm not a constant texter or gamer, although I did spend some time tweaking and downloading to get things set up,   I am accustomed to using the web and Twitter a good deal on my previous phone -- I gather they called that a "feature phone," the Samsung Instinct s30. It is now, regrettably, discontinued, or I'd perhaps regret this phone upgrade.

My Instinct would often go for a day and more, without needing to be recharged.  This Optimus has to be recharged after LUNCH.  I keep checking the battery usage and it says "cell standby" is the battery hog.  WTF??  NOT DOING A THING with my phone drains the battery?  And I've read about the display being a big drain, so I don't keep it on much, at all. 

I'm really disappointed.  It was very inexpensive to upgrade, but these seem to be really popular phones.  HOW in the world are people getting anything done in their lives if they keep needing to constantly charge the phone?  I thought that was over in the first few years of the new CENTURY.


Re: New to Android with Optimus phone, disappointed in talk time

I typically get a full day out of one charge.  I don't think the battery usage stats are very useful, just a kinda nice to look at sometimes.  Cell Standby includes all of the data usage (active and passive), which you can mitigate.  There are many ways to extend the battery life without crippling your phone.  For example, 65% display brightness can go a long way.  Just get the settings and network usage patterns right for you, and your battery life will improve.  If you prefer a less involved approach to managing all the various intricacies of your phone, there are some apps that can help.  I think Android was geared more toward the tech nerds who like to have control of nearly every aspect of their phone.

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