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Optimus 2.3.3 update: Lost call sound through headphone jack


Optimus 2.3.3 update: Lost call sound through headphone jack

Hello. My Optimus S updated to 2.3.3 this morning and other than the  annoying color scheme everything was fine until I plugged in my AUX  cable in my car.

With 2.2.x I could plug in my AUX cable and listen to music and when a  call came through I could hear the person through the car speakers (or  headphones), then when the call ended, the music would restart.

Now with 2.3.3 the music plays like normal but when a call comes in, the  call sound does not come through the jack. This is a big problem while  driving, having to plug and unplug the cable. (Same phone, same cable,  same car, no previous issues, all other sounds OK)

I can't find an option in the menus to enable call sound through headphone jack. Is this a bug or they disable it on purpose?


Join the club.

THeis update is so bug-ridden I have a hard time believing it was ever tested.

This update is TERRIBLE!

Way Too Dark!

Who in their right mind would make the OS theme so Dark you can't see the EFFING KEY PAD!

Call volume is TOO EFFING LOUD!

Autocorrect NO LONGER WORKS!

Some Update!

I just spent an HOUR on the phone with Sprint and all they did was blame LG!

Sprint actually told me they don't control the updates that come across ON THEIR OWN NETWORK!

I'm cancelling my account with Sprint tomorrow and getting new service from T-Mobile.

My wife uses them and has NEVER had an issue with any phone update.


I have dropped Sprint and switched to Verzon.

They are waving Activation fees to get Sprint LG Optimus customers to switch.

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I have the same problem... no sound through the headphone jack during a phone call.  If I'm listening to music and make a call, the music stops and I hear nothing.  If I hang up, the music starts over again.


Did they pay for your cancellation fee too? Because that's how they'll get me to switch.


I didn't ask Version about the ETF from Sprint.

I'm asking forcely Sprint waive the ETF fee since I don't have phones that work as phones.

This update is so bad that it will likely result in a Class Action suit.

Sprint has the opportunity to step up and do the right thing but so far they haven't.

1) Stop sellling these phones until they operate as v2.2.x did

2) Credit all effected account for the entire month

3) Waive ETF for those who want to switch.


Can no one from Sprint tell us why this is? I am REALLY trying to take the high road here, but Sprint's ignoring this problem (I haven't seen a single reply post from "the powers that be") is troubling at BEST. Why did I have to go to another outside forum to find out the answer to why my phone wasn't charging? It works now, but the headphone jack still will not play phone calls. Which is weird since it's a PHONE that I'm using...

HELP SPRINT! Stop your silence policy!


Same problem with both of our Optimus S's.  Won't work with aux cable to radio or headset now... So while driving we have to unplug aux cord, slide to answer then hold to ear or hit speaker button...  Maybe in the next update they could add a sudoku puzzle and a retinal scan before you can talk.


I noticed the same problem with my LG Optimus as soon as the update loaded, and can't decide which problem annoys me more....the lack of auto-correct when texting or lack of being able to use aux cable while on a call!  I have been surfing the net in an attempt to find a solution because I anticipate Sprint will not be able to help, but all I've found so far is complaints with no solutions.  It seems to me like the only way to revert back to the older version of Android (2.2) is to do a factory reset, which of course I'm dredding.  Does anybody know if there is a way to revert back to the older version without doing a factory reset?  Anybody heard if there will be a better update soon?  I also noticed my phone just automatically updated to the new version, does anybody know if there is a way to change this in the settings to prompt you to update rather than doing it automatically?


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