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Phone refuses to turn on


Phone refuses to turn on

I've had issues with this phone since I got it and I blame it mostly on the fact that it was a "gifted" phone found by my father. The most recent problem  being that it will NOT turn on. It worked perfectly fine this morning and I let the battery die. After hooking it up to the charger it sloooowly (like six to eight hours sloooowly) charged but would not acknowledge the power button any time I hit it. Now, fully charged it still will not power on. Any advice?



If you haven't tried it already, trying removing the battery for a good 30 seconds and then seeing if it will power on. If it still doesn't power up, you might need to get it in to a service center so they can check it out and see what is causing the issue. If you aren't sure of the nearest one to you, you can locate it at


I have no idea about your phone background or experience, so please forgive me for what I am about to say!

So here goes...

  1. You have to hold the power button down in order to turn it on, not just press it.
  2. If the phone was gifted to you, the charger gifted to you may not be the original charger.  I recommend that the charger have a mAmp rating of at least 700.  My wife used to plug her Optimus into an old 400 mAmp charger, and it doesn't even appear that the phone is charging at all.
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