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So hate the Optimus S I have


So hate the Optimus S I have

I have had my phone since the end of July. I loved it the first couple of months. Now I despise it!!!! It turns itself off a lot, freezes up, force closes apps. I have taken it in and they said all they could do was a hard reset and that would fix it. NOT!!!! Still does same thing. Had I known Sprint was getting the iPhone, which is what I really wanted just a few months after I got this peace of crap, I would have waited. Sprint says they can do nothing with my phone so I am stuck with it or buy a different phone. I have been with them for 7 years now and am contemplating a change if providers because they can't do anything to help resolve the issues of this phone. Seems to me

If this phone is nO good, they should allow the owners of said phone to get the phone they want at no extra cost!!!!


So hate the Optimus S I have

You didnt mention if you are running the FroYo version of Android or Gingerbread. The most stable version for that device is the FroYo version.

  • Press Home > Menu, then tap Settings.
  • Scroll up and tap About phone.
  • Scroll up and Software version is displayed under SW Version.

LS670ZVD This is the FroYo                 LS670ZVH  This is the Gingerbread

If you have Gingerbread a Sprint authorized service center can revert you back to the previous version. They can also test the device to make sure it is not having a software or hardware defect to cause some of the problems you are having. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to change contract and upgrade dates.



So hate the Optimus S I have

I like the Optimus so much that I have three of them on my account.  This is one of the most stable Android phones I have used.  It's also one of the most sturdy.  My wife closed the tail gate of an F250 on my phone, folding it in the hinge of the tail gate.  The battery was a joke, with a bend of over 30 degrees.  I bent the battery back to semi-straight, inserted it in the phone, and the phone continued to operate.  The battery cover didn't fit very well, and required tape to stay on due to the "reverse banana" shape that the phone was now in.  The screen had some pressure marks in the center where it was slightly discolored, but everything operated normally. 

I thought the Optimus S was sturdy considering how many times my wife steps out of the car with the phone on her lap, but now I think it's nearly indestructible! haha

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