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Sprint has issues with customers that own the Optimus S

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Sprint has issues with customers that own the Optimus S

So, I'm extreamly pissed off about the 2.3 Gingerbread update to the LG Optiums S!!!!

Recently, I had the "pleasure" of going to a sprint store after reading the post from Sprint about the issues with the Optimus S powercycling constantly. Here's what happened:

Me: Hi, I have an LG Optimus S that's been having issues powercycling every hour or so since the Gingerbread update. I've read the forums and done all of the physical troubleshooting advised from there, is there anything more that can be done to resolve the issue?

Sprint Store Rep: No, since it's a softwear issue with the LG Optimus S phones, and not a hardwear issue, there is nothing more that we can do. You'll just have to wait until the patch that fixes the issue is released.

Me: When will that be?

Sprint Store Rep: We don't know.


REALLY?! Common, since this is a known issue, and the LG Optimus S is a phone that a LOT of Sprint customers own, why not try fixing this issue ASAP with an ETR on when the issue will be resolved. The answers "I don't know" or "it may take a while" are NOT acceptable!!!! I also asked the Sprint rep what could be done about a swap, but since I'm still within my FIRST YEAR (good job guys... a first year customer complaining about your support and customer service is really good for busniss... that was sarcasm btw) of servie, I really can't swap unless I buy a new phone a FULL retail price... So apparently, my options are as follows: 1. swap for another LG Optimus S, have the same issue, issue not resolved!!!! or 2. pay FULL RETAIL COST for a phone that works...

Here's what NEEDS TO HAPPEN IF SPRINT WANTS TO KEEP MYSELF AND PEOPLE LIKE ME AS CUSTOMERS: 1. get the softwear patch out to Optimus S users ASAP (not in a month, two months, four months etc etc). or 2. Give us a ONE TIME upgrade for another android phone that is of equal cost.

Is this too much to ask?!?!!?

Still pissed,

Sprint customer that's issue is UNRESOLVED!!!!!


Why did you lose access to your paid apps?  I've changed phones several times, and have always been able to download my paid apps from the Android Market without being charged again, regardless of the Android platform. 

Perhaps you are buying from a third party using Paypal, and the app is bound to your phone?  If you email the developer with the new phone information, they are likely to give you a new access code to use the app on your new phone.

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