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Sprint pushed firmware update, now Auto correct is gone-Optimus-s

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Re: Sprint pushed firmware update, now Auto correct is gone-Optimus-s

Going back to Froyo might not be the best solution if you've already started taking advantage of Gingerbread's other features, such as the ability to move a larger variety of apps to the SD card. The Optimus' internal mem fills up pretty quick. First thing I did was move everything I could. Then my texts started looking ridiculous, and I noticed the texting training wheels were gone.

It's been a couple weeks since the upgrade and no official word from Sprint, so I cruised the Market and found SwiftKey X. Highly customizable, better predictive text, and even some typing stats (?) including accuracy. It will even log into your socials and get more predictive, based on the words you've used on FB, Gmail and Twitter.

Free for a month, then it's 4 bucks. Four dollars. A short stack of quarters, people.

Also, I was having that volume issue too (super-loud on the lowest setting). I turned it all the way up, then back down again. Fixed. Seems it just needed to recalibrate where it was.


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