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Time to update software?


Time to update software?

i'm a little afraid to update, knowing that it could cause problems. This Optimus works soooo much better than my last phone (Samsung Transform) that I'm afraid of messing up a decent (not amazing) thing.  I'm really not into the technology of it all, but want a functional phone.  I have a message on my phone this morning to update.  Anyone have any probems/advice, etc?


Re: Time to update software?

Two of the four Optimus S phones on my account have updated with no problems. All of the issues with the first update appear to be addressed. Your experience of course may be different. Some people are claiming to have issues while others are not. My experience thus far has been good for whatever that's worth.


Re: Time to update software?

     So far the reviews have been positive, I would recommend backing up any information that you could possibly want saved such as text, contacts, pictures, applications, etc. If you're satisfied with your current phone status you don't have to update it; you may encounter occasional issues with application compatibility but most Android developers program for wide variety of versions so it shouldn't be bad. Personally, on my own devices I typically will wait and monitor feedback, it's saved me money and headaches more times than I can remember, I still remember the Nvidia driver update that fried graphics cards I dodged that luckily!

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