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Troubleshoot common issues on your LG Optimus S


Troubleshoot common issues on your LG Optimus S

Can you sync Outlook calendar and contacts on a laptop with the Optimus S?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Yes, you can sync your local contacts and calendar to your Optimus.  You'll need some third party software though - I've read good reviews about a program called The Missing Sync for Android by Mark|Space software.

There's others out there too.

What I did was copy my local contacts to Google Contacts, then sync Outlook and the phone to Google.

I did the same for the calendar - exported the calendar to Google Calendar, then synced Outlook and the phone to Google.  Works great, and now changes made anywhere show up everywhere.

How do you like the Optimus so far?  It's been getting great reviews!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

I have been really enjoying my Optimus.  It runs great!  It's so fast and smooth, and it downloaded all my apps that I had installed on my old Moment.  It's running so much faster at 600 Mhz than my Moment did at 800 Mhz.  I think that the Optimus would receive more initial credence if people more accurately stated "dual core 600 Mhz processor" instead of just saying "600 Mhz processor".  It makes a huge difference.  This phone has been performing flawlessly!


NEVER MIND about the following question!  I found the answer myself.  Contact groups can be accessed (when in Contacts) by selecting Display Options, then selecting my Gmail account.

My Optimus S Contacts does not seem to support groups/categories.  On the web I organized my Contacts in Google to be in groups; even though they sync and contacts transfer, the groups don't.  Does Optimus S support groups in Contacts?  If so, how do I find them?


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