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Why does my phone say its charging when its not even plugged in?


Why does my phone say its charging when its not even plugged in?

I have had non-stop problems with this phone from freezing to battery draining to powering off on its own, but I encountered something new this morning. When I got to work, about only twenty minutes after taking the phone off the wall charger at home, I noticed that the home screen still indicated that it was plugged in and charging! The little battery icon even had the lightening bolt blinking and all as if it were really plugged in still. And showed charging at only 86%. I pulled the battery to reset and of course its normal now, but the battery really is down to only 86%. So in the twenty minutes from taking the phone off the charger and receiving one incoming call that lasted just under five minutes, whatever made the phone think it was still on the charger actually drained the batter by 14%. IN TWENTY MINUTES! What is wrong with this phone???


Re: Why does my phone say its charging when its not even plugged in?

I guess life is NOT good with that LG product.  Im sorry to hear that.  I have seen alot of complaints on this forum about that phone.

You should probably take it to a Repair store although there is not much they can do about it.  They will offer u a replacement used one for $50 or $100 I think.

Maybe shop around for a different phone on ebay or craigslist or something.  I personally got tired of the flaky android phones and just gave in and bought an iphone.  I would prefer the Android platform but I have had 2 different iphones for about a total of 2 months now and have been glitch free.  Not one issue.

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