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lg optimus s not ringing anymore


lg optimus s not ringing anymore

I have an lg optimus s. it worked just fine but all the sudden it quit ringing. I only know I had a call when I get a voicemail notification. I have even changed my vm to say leave a message because my phone won't ring.

I have done a factory reset and hard reset 3 times. it rings the first time but after that it won't ring anymore. I have went thru tech support 5 times all telling me to do the same steps not to mention putting in two tickets and nothing has been done. my phone still is not ringing. My husband has the same phone and no issues. We run a  business and this is the only way we can communicate because he is a trucker. Now if it's an emergency he has to wait for me to get the vm and return his call. I even called LG who told me there is nothing wrong with the phone itself, that it is sprint service. HELP!!!!!!!! I am getting the run around from both companies and at this point will eat the early term fee and go elsewhere that has better tech service and is willing to please the customer. If you have had this problem and know a fix that will work for more than a day or two please let me know. I am too frustrated at this point


Sorry for the inconvenience. After resetting it twice and if your phone doesn’t ring, I would suggest you to visit Sprint Service and Repair Center to have your phone checked.


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