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optimus s gingerbread


optimus s gingerbread

I love the phone and update! the only issue for my phone is the new keyboard!!!! Please fix this bug! Other than that the phone still works great! Even faster in some cases!!


Sorry about the inconvenience.Based on the feedbacks Sprint and LG are investigating issues reported following the LG Optimus update to Gingerbread.Sprint and LG are continuing to troubleshoot these issues and will provide more information as it becomes available.Temporary workarounds noted below.

Predictive text with the Android keyboard is not working

  Workaround: use the Swype keyboard which will still show predictive text if selected in the settings menu.

    1. To switch to the Swype keyboard:

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Select Input Method>Swype.

    2. To ensure word prediction is enabled when using the Swype keyboard

        Go to Home>Menu>Settings>Language&Keyboard>Swype> and ensure "Word Prediction" is selected. 

    A community member posted that an app in the Android market helps with this issue.  This has not

    been validated by Sprint, but wanted to pass it on. Here's the link to the app:

Hope this helps



Very ridiculous you have to not use your phones basic features in order to use it?! Yes i have an LG Optimus S and loved it until the gingerbread update screwed it up to which I've called customer service and went to two different repair places at the recommendation of Sprint customer service, nothing as solved any problems and Sprints atitiude towards this is very unsatisfasctory, I guess ultimately if you want this issue resolved, drop sprint and try another carrier.

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