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optimus s ms exchange email issues when device turns off (batt drain or off-on)


optimus s ms exchange email issues when device turns off (batt drain or off-on)


I have been having Exchange issues with my LG optimus S phone ever since I bought it.  The exchange email gets into a ''unable to open connection to server due to security Error" mode every time the phone turns off.  Given the poor battery life on the phone everytime the battery drains and phone turns off, or even if you manually turn the phone off/on the exact issue comes up.  The only solution is to remove the exchange account and re-create a new exchange account.  This is so tedious and frustrating and I find myself doing this process 3-4 times a week just to have access to my company exchange email server (I never had this issue on my HTC Hero before) and have tried several things by removing the account and re-going through the account settings and nothing works.  I have the latest 2.2 software relase available for this phone LS670ZVD. The yahoo email does not exhibit this issue at all.

Any help or pointers to work around this issue will be appreciated, not sure if its an Android 2.2 issue, a phone issue, or anything else.  My co-workers have 2.2 Android version on other Android phones with no issues to access their ms exchange accounts, so its not smelling like an issue with our IT exchange server.



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ps. added the exact error seen on the second sentence

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