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phone locking up frequently, not ringing when people call


phone locking up frequently, not ringing when people call

I've had my LG Optimus for almost 3 months. It's my first smart phone and so I love the convenience of all it can do. However, I've had some issues with it.

First, my phone will lock up frequently so that the buttons will light up when I touch them, but the screen stays dark. I know the power is on, but can't do anything. I have had to take out the battery and reboot this when it happens, typically about 5 times a week. I have a co-worker with the same phone and she said hers was doing it too until she uninstalled the live wallpaper. I uninstalled mine and have a normal wallpaper now but still have problems. It will also lock up/freeze sometimes when people call me. It will be ringing, but the screen is black and it won't let me answer. Again, I have to take out the battery and reboot. Anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it? I had a Task Killer and just started using Auto Killer instead and also just started using Juice Defender because of suggestions on other threads on here to help with battery. I haven't noticed any common denominator as far as when this will happen to my phone. The battery might be fully charged, mid-charged, or low, and it'll still do it. I might have used my phone a lot that day before it happens or hardly at all.

Another problem is my phone sometimes won't notify me when I have incoming calls even though the signal is strong. It won't ring at all even though the ringer is turned on and at the highest volume. The only way I know it's not working is if someone leaves a voicemail (which sometimes doesn't even come in until hours after the call) or if the person calling texts me or tells me later that they called me. The call log doesn't show these calls. The only way I've found to fix this once I know the phone isn't working is to reboot it. Because I don't always find out when I do miss calls, I can't be sure how often it's actually happening. I have to use my phone quite a bit for work, so this is not ok. Has anyone else experienced this?

I read through the first several pages of threads but didn't find similar problems. I have seen these same issues described for this phone on other sites (yahoo, etc), but none of the fixes listed there have fixed my problem. I also made sure I have the most current software/updates.

I appreciate any help or tips you can give me!


Re: phone locking up frequently, not ringing when people call

Im having all of the same issues that you are.  I remember there was one day where my wife was trying to call me from work, and couldnt get through.  The phone was on a table right in front of me in an area where I get full signal strength and the phone never rang once in the 8 hours that my wife was at work..  I rebooted my phone after my wife came home from work ,and all of the missed calls and text messages gradually starting showing up over the rest of the night.  Today my phone even shut off randomly.

Initially things were great for me.  Loved the phone, and all the new features that came with owning a smartphone for the first tme.  Right now, Im counting the months down until I can upgrade to something bigger, better and more reliable.


phone locking up frequently, not ringing when people call

I have the same problem with people calling and my phone is right next to me with the volume turned all the way up and it doesn't ring, but it will chime me a few minutes later to tell me I've got a voicemail. If they don't leave a vm, I might not notice until the next day that they even called . A rep at CredoMobile, the company I purchased from, told me that this happens when the phone doesn't have good enough connectivity to receive the incoming call, it will automatically go to voicemail. I also have a huge problem with dropped calls--about 80% and I dont' live in a bunker or in the boonies. I live one mile from a major interstate highway in a highly populated suburban community that's supposed to get "good" coverage according the the Sprint map. I've done several hundred hours of research to figure out why I'm dropping so many calls and I just can't figure it out. Maybe it's just a hazzard of living in a neighborhood where the houses are pretty close together and all of them have satellites, wireless modems, speakers, keyboardsand printers, cordless phones, TV antennas, microwave ovens, radios, and multiple cell phones. All these things are competing for limited air waves. We've got to devlelop a technology to organize these things into very distinct frequencies so that they don't interfere with eachother. That's just a guess.Joy


phone locking up frequently, not ringing when people call

I use Enhanced SMS and Caller ID by Edward Kawas.  I notice that this application sometimes notifies me of a new call or text before the system notification appears on my phone.  Even if the application doesn't solve your problem, it's still nice to have a "custom ringtone" for every contact in your address book.  It will also read out your calendar notifications and email notifications.  It's a very nice app.

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