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2/13 - LG Rumor Reflex Software Update - LN272ZV8


2/13 - LG Rumor Reflex Software Update - LN272ZV8

LG Rumor Reflex Software Update - LN272ZV8


- Updated email client

- LCD driver required for new LCD supplier

- Bluetooth MAP (messaging access profile) support

Important Notes

- Software version is LN272ZV8

- Software update will be pushed to all devices beginning 2/20, or you may initiate the update beginning 2/13.

- Refer to the LG Rumor Reflex Software Updates blog for install instructions.


Re: 2/13 - LG Rumor Reflex Software Update - LN272ZV8

I found that this update broke my Sprint Music Plus built-in phone app.  Now Sprint Music won't run again because it says:

"Sorry, we are experiencing problems and need to recover your music.

This may take a few seconds.


Then I click okay and it tells me the same message, only with an error code of <60007>.  What gives?

This all started happening when I updated to this firmware last week.  I never got the firmware update automatically until last week.


Re: 2/13 - LG Rumor Reflex Software Update - LN272ZV8

I received the software update when it was pushed on 2/20. Since then I have continued to have problems with the phone.

1. Slide the keyboard out, create a text message, select a user, click on Done and Send. About every fourth time the Reflex will make a crinkling sound and reboot it's self.

2. When making a call through the cars Blue Tooth I will often times loose the connection. Sometimes when the phone is ringing and sometimes after a couple of minutes of talk. I can't determine if the phone is rebooting or not. If I try to do a redial I get the message that no device is available so I am guessing the phone is rebooting.

3. Sometimes when you press the buttons to wake the phone up to use it the screen goes blank before you can unlock the phone. I have to power cycle the phone to get it to stop. This includes removing the battery.

4. I have now lost access to my email servers several times. I have to reconnect and make sure I don't have it download my contacts. Otherwise I have duplicate contacts.

I have gotten a replacement phone twice now and I am waiting for a third replacement phone. They all seem to come with the LN272ZV8 software. I asked if they could load the previous version of the software but was told that it was very buggy also. I purchased this phone in September of 2012 and was pleased with it until the software update was pushed down. I had not had any problems with it until then.

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