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Chalk another one up for continuous reboot


Chalk another one up for continuous reboot

Needed to switch over to a Sprint phone as Nextel service is being discontinued and was persuaded by a customer service rep that the Rumor Reflex met my simple needs.

It was good.. while it lasted. Just yesterday, a mere 6 days after activating it, it's gone into the infinite reboot cycle it seems many others are having problems with.

All I did was press the camera button and then it started. Have not used email as I see others have had a problem with that, less than 10 calls made. Battery pulls don't work, phone is unresponsive when on.

I'll be contacting customer service today but will absolutely not be paying to have it fixed or replaced. 6 days?! Other failures happened after months.

This is a faulty device and Sprint/LG should have come forward long ago and accepted responsibility.

Edit: Phone was replaced under the 14-day guarantee. Hopefully it lasts longer this time.

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