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Contacts and Pictures gone!


Contacts and Pictures gone!

I just traded my samsung for the rumor reflex.  i activated my new phone and put my memory card in the reflex.  well it would only bring up 1 folder of my pictures and the others showed question marks.  i took it out of the new phone and put it back in the samsung and all the pictures (except for the few in the one folder) are gone.  i'm not too worried about it because i had uploaded them onine but i was curious to see if anyone else had this problem.  now for the big problem.  i was going to just manually transfer my contacts over to the new phone but when i went in my samsung (old) phone all my contacts are gone!  i'm lost!  anyone know what happened or how i can magically bring them back?  i have no idea why  the would delete themselves! 

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Re: Contacts and Pictures gone!

Can you view the contents of your SD card on a computer? If you can, is there a LOST.DIR folder?

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