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I do not like this phone!


I do not like this phone!

Due to a decrease in income I've had to downgrade my device.  After a long, drawn out and very stressful scenario with Sprint I ended up with this brand new, yet dreadful Rumor Reflex and a new 2-year contract.  I've had it a month and have experienced issues with it freezing up, not ringing and sending calls straight to voice mail. 

I cannot lock the phone to save my life, so I'd better have it secured in my place or on me at all times!  When I create a lock code, I'm only able to utilize in an immediate mode, not for standby purpose.  Texting is a tedious chore with this thing.

Three days ago, I'm walking with it in my pocket with a loud ringer setting and missed an important call.  Just today, I'm at my desk with the phone 2 feet at my side, and I see the display showing a missed call.  The incoming ringer volume was set to 6 out of 8 positions, and it was just one bar shy of being a full signal indication. 

I cannot wait to get back to the iPhone, or just pay my ETF and be done.

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