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LG Reflex announced, but what is it???


LG Reflex announced, but what is it???


As expected, the LG Rumor Reflex has been announced, both for Sprint and Boost, and is touted as the successor to the LG Rumor Touch...

ok.... but what is it??? Is it a featurephone, or smartphone? more importantly...

1) does it require an ED plan or can it be put on a legacy plan?

2) does it require a $10/mo data fee?

Sprint is quoted as saying 1) it is a replacement for the Rumor Touch, 2) it is a "quick messaging phone" NOT an "iconic" phone. In the past, "iconic" was the keyword to mean that it requires an ED plan and is ineligible for legacy plans.

So there is hope that the Reflex can truly replace the Rumor Touch, and is 1) legacy plan eligible, w/ or w/o data, 2) doesn't require a smartphone data fee.

OTOH, I have read that the Reflex actually runs Android... so... which is it???

EDIT: I now read this, which may answer the question: Sprint forced LG to remove Android from the Reflex...

Interestingly LG and Sprint have decided not to ship the phone with Android and instead have decided to remain with LG’s operating system which supports BREW MP and Java ME for Sprint’s own OneClick feature phone overlay and for applications, a stark contrast to current trends where Android is being adopted all the way across product lines.

Re: LG Reflex announced, but what is it???

Correct, it does not have Android and it's considered a feature phone and does not have the requirement of the $10 data addon.


Re: LG Reflex announced, but what is it???

Ok thanks. How is the Reflex different, better than the Rumor Touch? Capacitive screen? Bugs fixed in firmware like that nasty textmsging bug? More memory? Better browser?


Re: LG Reflex announced, but what is it???


I got the Reflex recently (and took it back) and used to and still have the Touch.  It is pretty much exactly the same as the Touch.  Here are the differences that I noticed.

When you take pics on Reflex the time it takes to process the pic is faster than Touch so that is nice.

The main menu on that you can configure yourself to list what items you use frequently you can opt for grid option vs list, which I liked grid so much better than list.

I'm not sure if the internet is faster or if it loads faster, but it does seem smoother and didn't hang as much.

The touchscreen I didn't like, it's very sensitive.  Seemed like some things you could select just fine if they were big enough, but if they were too small you had to select it several times or use your nail to get right on it.  Didn't like it. Also they took away the feature where you can calibrate the touchscreen.  So, how it is, it how it is, can't adjust it.

The battery sucks on the Reflex.  Some days I found myself charging it 2x a day, and sometimes before the day was half over it was completely dead.  If I plugged it into a charger and tried to use it, it would turn on and off, so if it's really dead you can't use it, but on the Touch didn't have this problem at all. 

Reflex does have more internal memory than Touch but it doesn't come with a memory card. 

Not sure about the text messaging bug that is on the Touch.  I think I did get one error, but only had the phone for about 10 days. 

Also, instead of only hearing playback out of speaker on back of phone, you can now hear on Reflex through front of phone as well, which is nice for speakerphone or music, etc.

The slide out keyboard I could not get used to.  Some keys are just in odd places and its very hard to see the letters unless it's dark (and lit up) because the keyboard is silver.  Keys are a bit smaller than Touch.

So, some things improved and some things didn't.  So it all depends on what you are looking for. 

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