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LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed


LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

I spoke with the team working on this device.  They need some samples of these issues rather quickly. Please PRIVATE MESSAGE me only the information requested below and I will make sure they receive it. Private messages can be made by clicking on my icon and then on the Private Message link on the right in the Actions section of my profile page.  DO NOT post the answers within this discussion or forum.

Copy/Paste this into your message to me

  • You name:
  • What is the phone number of the device:
  • On average, how many times per day does the device reboot?
  • If your phone is rebooting several times a day, would you be willing to help them by to provide us the device for testing?
  • Do you live near a Sprint corporate Service and Repair retail location?  Which one?  When can you visit this location?
  • Are there any additional details you can provide about the issue?  What is the phone doing when the reboot occurs, etc.




Sprint/vendor are aware of an issue where some devices may intermittently powercycle when accessing email.  A fix is in process and no further information is required via private message.  This forum will be updated with more information as soon as it is available. 

If you are experiencing an issue with your device powercycling as soon as it is powered on, please visit the nearest service center for assistance. 

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Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

we were told at sprint store to contact LG and they advised us to send it in to have them ck it.. i will not stop rebooting never gets past the icon screen


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

August 9th and no one from Sprint has responded to this? I am an Internetworking Engineer that does not want/need a smart phone but needs to text - this phone was advertised as a good solution. I am now on my 2nd bricked Sprint / LG Rumor Reflex and see no reasonable solution to the issue.

I and I'm sure a lot of other folks need this phone to WORK. As for me, important network information comes in on this device, when it is down so am I. My old Motorola 830i worked flawless for near 10 years and never failed, now this 'upgrade' to the LG product can barely make 3 months.

Here is the scenario: Remove LG Rumor Reflex from front pocket, unlike the normal blank power saving screen the lighted screen is on. Press center button as normal but it does not work. Further button testing indicates no touch screen or buttons work at all, no the power button does not work either! It is frozen with a bright main screen. The battery must be removed to power down. Upon waiting a minute or overnight the battery then reinserted the power button will start the boot process. The splash screen "swirling Rumor Reflex" will appear 3 times then freeze about 5 seconds. The screen and red power light will then go out and this entire process repeats itself, endlessly every 15 seconds!

As I said, this is the 2nd exact same model LG Rumor Reflex phone to do this. Approximately 3 months use before failure in my cases. Very little use, only occasional texts and voice, very rarely online (maybe once or twice).

I will not use one of these phones again and can't believe Sprint has not listed a solution to this disturbing problem. This being my 2nd bad phone, I expected some communication from Sprint or LG on this. Glad I'm not in a life/death situation. Care to share a solution Sprint?


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

Fuck Sprint... I get nothing but bad products and even worse service.

I had multiple sprint representatives PROMISE to call back on an account problem and NEVER did.


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

My daughter on our plan has the Rumor Reflex.

Phone worked fine yesterday, then this morning my daughter turns it on and it goes through endless rebooting cycles and can't be shut down.

Removed/replaced battery and no luck.

Took it to Sprint Store where we bought it, and they said "Sorry, we don't service... you have to drive another 20mi where they can".

   ... drove there and they took an hour on the phone.

   ... said "something is wrong with phone (duh), we can't fix it, you have to pay $35 to get it replaced"

   ... oh, by the way... you can't get it today because you only get a refurbished phone which we don't have, so come back in 2days (drive drive drive)

So... this phone obviously had a SW problem... Hardware was working fine one evening, and next morning not

   ... if I had to buy a new computer every time the OS needed repairing, I would be upset.

Do not buy this phone.


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

The Sprint/LG Rumor Reflex has BIG problems, neither Sprint nor LG will own up to it!!! And they know...and yet they will tell you that there are no more problems with this phone than any other! All smoke and mirrors...unfortunately most ALL of the cell phone carriers could care less when their profit margin is so HIGH. All we can do is waste much valuable time getting the run-a-round that is so easy for them yet a royal PITA for us customers. Wait for the end of our contract then jump ship.

My wife and I have been loyal NexTel/Sprint customers over 10 years yet they would not give me a less expensive phone due to the LG Rumor Reflex bricking (continuous rebooting) without getting into a new contract. I'm on my 3rd Rumor Reflex and expect it will brick itself within another 3 months.

Each issue costs me 10-12hrs of frustrating time. Call Sprint, go through multiple layers, wait wait wait for them to tell me I must go to a store, then, as you say NERegion8, only certain stores have tech's that can look at them. Of course they do not tell you this at the time, you must drive to find out!

I don't think the problem is with most of the Tech's, it is because they, in the background, are being told to get rid of the customer ASAP and move on to the next no matter what little compassion they may have for our personal frustrations with corp. Sprint.

On this 3rd Rumor Reflex a few days ago I was made to feel like Sprint was doing me a BIG favor 'its your lucky day' having it replaced with a new phone. They wanted to do the same to me, same old, we don't have a remanfactured one in stock - it will be a few days BS. Sprint had better wakeup, they lie, they make all the documents so complicated then change them from day to day depending on who you talk to or what day you read it online the no one could hope to keep up with the on the fly truth.


"If you made your purchase on or over the phone, you may return items to select Sprint stores or we will also accept returns by mail."

Lie - I made my phone and plan purchase online and received the phone in the mail, then called for activation. When the 1st phone bricked I went through the escalation/troubleshooting process only to be told that I MUST take it to a store and have a tech check it out. They will even tell you to do a Hard Reset which does not exist on this phone! Then you go to the store only to find 'that store' does not check out 'that phone'. to live...I only wrote this much to hopefully help someone else with the well known Sprint/LG Rumor Reflex continuous rebooting issue. Best of luck. If I go through this a 3rd time I may sue. BTW, think Sprint will pay you back for lost service time? Guess again...


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

LG Rumor Reflex purchased 09/03, six weeks later it keeps rebooting, the only way around is to remove the battery.

Sprint stores tell us is it because we loaded too many pictures without a memory card!  Two hours later, they were unable to fix it. My options: pay 35$  to get it exchanged, but it will take 5 days in the store downtown San Francisco , or send it to LG for warranty repair (3 to 4 weeks).


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

OK - I thought this would be a good replacement phone for my daughter but now, after only 27 days, her phone is doing this exact same thing - stuck in a repeating reboot cycle.  I was also told it would be $35 to repair, yet the phone isn't even 30 days old.  It was not a refurbished phone - it was brand new.  Something needs to be done about this - and fast.  I have been a Sprint customer for 18 years and this is how I get treated? 

I'm thinking a different free replacement phone would be in order here - one with the same functions, not a lesser phone.


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

I am having the same issue and I refuse to have to pay to have a defective phone replaced.  Just signed on with Sprint and already am disappointed with the crappy service that I have received.  I can understand if I damaged the phone but I didn't and they know it.  Time to start looking elsewhere.......


Re: LG Rumor Reflect rebooting issue help needed

I went into the Sprint store because I was haivng issues with my old LG phone (after having it for 2 years). My old phone kept displaying the incorrect time (I noticed problem on 11/13) . It kept, and still does, go back and forth between the correct time and it'll jump 8 hrs ahead. As a result, my alarms were not working anymore and I really really on my alarms. I went thru different things to try and fix the issue, I went to world clock to set the time to local, then to set it to Daylight saving time, still not working-so turned phone off/on, took out battery, etc. Nothing worked. So fine, figured it was time to get new phones for my husband and I. Well these Reflex phones are doing the same thing. I paid over $170 for these news phones (they even charge high activitaiton fees) only to run into the same problem on both our phones! Sprint has been providing us with horrible customer service too. They don't call back even though they assure me-"We'll call you within 24hrs." I waited 48 before I called them. They've run me thru a series of things to try and fix the issue, but it has been unresolved. Then a customer rep says I can go in-store to get the phones repaired, but it's a $35 charge-each phone! This is ridiculous. The rep says, "well you didn't purchase insurance." I wasted so much money for nothing. I have been a Sprint customer for over 7 years and this is how they treat me?

My husband's work phone is a diff LG model and it too is having issues with the incorrect time. His problem started last Wed. What gives?

I read that previous users here are having issues with the LG Reflex rebooting, but is anyone else having issues with incorrect time? LG and Sprint, hmmm.

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