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LG Rumor Reflex Continuously Rebooting


LG Rumor Reflex Continuously Rebooting

I ran the battery down on my LG Rumor Reflex. I plugged it in to recharge overnight and when I checked it, I noticed that it was constantly rebooting. I've tried removing the battery, switching out the SD card, and putting it back in and holding down the power button, but it continually spins in its restart mode. I've poked around and this appears to be a common problem with this phone. There were no symptoms prior to this problem. I only use it for voice and text, so it shouldn't be a problem with a virus or overloaded memory. Other ideas?


Re: LG Rumor Reflex Continuously Rebooting

The first thing I would suggest is to take the device into the Sprint Repair Center.  I'm here to help, do you have insurance? I am on your side, have you called LG (800-793-8896). I want you happy.

Thank You


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Re: LG Rumor Reflex Continuously Rebooting

I'm having the same exact problem. It started last night, never had an issue in the past. Have you had any luck getting yours to start up??

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