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LG Rumor Reflex Problems


LG Rumor Reflex Problems

Hi, it seems I cannot get on chat on Sprint so I am posting here.  My husband and I both have the LG Rumor Reflex.  We did the most recent update some time ago.  Now, we are both having the same problem.  We subscribe to Everything Messaging, no data plan.  Here goes:

We have not trouble texting.  All that goes fine.  Our problem is with calls.  Any call, whether we make it ourselves or receive, we no sooner start talking than we hear 2 beeps and the call ends.  We thought it was the battery so we charged, even though it said the charge was nearly full.  That didn't work.

I replaced the battery with one we bought shortly after getting the phone which was a year ago this past August.  Same problem.  Since it is both phones at the same time, I feel it has to be something that the cell provider has done.  How do we take care of this.  I do subscribe to Total Equipment Protection and have been paying it for both phones for nearly a year.  Will someone please help us.  What good is it to have a phone if all you can do is text?  Sometimes we need to actually talk.

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