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LG Rumor Reflex


LG Rumor Reflex

I got both myself and my husband an LG Rumor Reflex.  We pay for the unlimited Data plan.  At first I had trouble downloading and installing ringtones purchased from Sprint, but got that rectified.  I was wondering, since this is not a Smart Phone type phone, are there any Apps I can use on it?  Seems like everything I have tried I am told they won't work.  I went to that free app place online and they said they don't support LG Rumor Reflex.  That's the free app place that Sprint suggests.  Just wondering about this because I do not want to buy an app and then find out it won't work.

Please, any help here.  Maybe someday I will get a Smart Phone, but right now we have a messaging phone with data.  I don't go to Facebook or I don't email.  Just messaging and phone calls.  I have read that having a lot of email accounts on you phone will cause freeze ups or reboots.  Don't want that

so all I want is to know about apps and which ones will work on this phone.  Thanks


Re: LG Rumor Reflex

The LG Rumor Reflex has an operating system that will not install apps like and Android, Windows or iPhone operating system. You can always clear the data cache on the browser to help with data applications if they slow down. Also powering the phone off and then back on will make some of the memory reset and help with device speed in some cases.


Go to Settings>>  Reset/Delete >> browser Cookies and Cache >>> Delete History  Delete Cookies and ClearAll Private Data


Sprint Social Care Team

Oklahoma City



Re: LG Rumor Reflex

Thank you OKIESTRO.  That's all I have been wanting to know.  I hope to upgrade sometime to a smart phone and plan but just don't know if we can afford it. 


Re: LG Rumor Reflex


Do you even use the LG Rumor Reflex?  Or do you not understand that you need to be clear and accurate about what is you are telling people to do?

Path to the point you are giving the customer is as follows (and I have my phone beside me as I am stepping through this so yes I know what I am talking about)

Main Menu >Settings >Reset/Delete > enter Lock Code (I changed mine and I got prompted every time for the code.  Default is last 4 of the MIN.) >Delete Stuff > Browser Cookies and Cache > At this point the customer has to make a decision.

Selecting Clear All Private Data will cause all of the boxes to be checked.  If you select Clear All Private Data and then uncheck a box, such as Delete Bookmarks, then Clear All Private Data is turned off.  The customer must either select specific boxes or select Clear All Private Data.

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