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More Problems With LG Rumor Reflex


More Problems With LG Rumor Reflex

This phone had a few short-comings until the Feb, 2013 update to version LN272ZV8.  Since then this phone has been nearly useless.  The main screen picture goes blank, and when this happens, I do not receive text messages. I called Sprint 4 times for this problem, and even got a replacement, but the only temporary fix has been to remove and re-install the battery, which fixes the problem for about a day.  The last 3 tech support agents said that they give me a follow-up call, but I've yet to hear from any of them.  Two of my coworkers have the same phone, and both have the same problem.


Re: More Problems With LG Rumor Reflex

This entire experience with Sprint, and the local sales office (BestBuy) has been a nightmare from the beginning. Our family had iPhones with ATT but they were costing too much per month after data plans. We went with Sprint because of the coverage at our home (ATT was lousy). All we really wanted were simple phones where you punch in the number and hit the green button, but the only phone available for Sprint at Best Buy was the reflex, My sister and I have problerms with these phones malfunctioning in one way or another each day. Whether they hang up and the battery has to be removed, or the power runs out unexpectedly, or in the case of last weekend, they wanted to use Verizon and charge us for roaming while we were in our home as usual. Dispite having signed up for automatic payments, I have to make my payment manually each month because they could never get it working. What a sad situation with what seemed like a better vendor than ATT. I can't wait until my contract ends so I can do something else. What a piece of junk. My condolences to all the other users that have this lemon also.

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