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Problems with LG Rumor Reflex


Re: Problems with LG Rumor Reflex

My rumor reflex was stuck in a boot loop, after having it just over a year. I was told there was no way to salvage my data and that I would have to pay $50 for a replacement. I was also encouraged to pay for insurance on this "replacement"-which I have done, only to find it utterly useless, as there are NO "comparable" phones offered by Sprint. I get the replacement, and not even a week later my screen is locking up 5 or 6 times a day requiring me to remove the battery and re-start the device to get any functionality. This is absurd, and I will be switching to another servicer if this is not resolved. Why design, what is clearly, a DISPOSABLE phone? I've had 20$ pre-pay phones operate more reliably than this POS. The Sprint representative I worked with did not even give me the courtesy of allowing me to keep my old phone-which I would have liked to have for the sole purpose of throwing it at the wall every time my "New" Rumor Reflex locks up. Since day 1 this phone has been the bane of my existence. I feel absolutely cheated by your company.

Oh and I love that I HAD to purchase a data plan to use the unlimited picturemail that was included in my plan, because this POS phone uses data to do that! What a con.

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