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Return of Email H*** (AGAIN) and More


Re: Return of Email H*** (AGAIN) and More

actually, good point. very good point. I'm with you. I think this type of service decommission should somehow benefit you in the end.


Re: Return of Email H*** (AGAIN) and More

No need to be snide.  Who said anything about needing to benefit?  I'm simply saying we shouldn't get screwed over.

How would you feel if you bought a new car and then Toyota decided to remotely disable air conditioning in their vehicles...but hey, there are other "lesser" alternatives like opening your windows - or you can upgrade to the Lexus line for 2x the price that still includes that feature.  Oh - and no returns!

Admittedly not a great analogy, but there likely won't be a good analogy to this situation other than the general bending over to take it from corporate america.  Maybe you enjoy it that way, but clearly a lot of people don't.


Re: Return of Email H*** (AGAIN) and More

As market trends change it is important or us to adapt and change as well. Most customers are purchasing smartphones that have the inherent ability to seamlessly perform the actions of features phones a great deal more. As such, it is prohibitive to maintain the infrastructure to keep both the older and more progressive technologies concurrently operational. Please advise when you last upgrade was performed. Also, please send a free text message to 1311 with the word UPGRADE and let me know the result.

Jon H.

Sprint Social Care Team

Re: Return of Email H*** (AGAIN) and More

I think he was offering you an early upgrade.  Probably stuck for 2 more years, though.

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