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Rumor2 not receiving texts


Rumor2 not receiving texts

Last few days I've had problems with my phone at my house and nearby places. Today I decided to call sprint to see if one of the towers was down by here again, and after running a test they said there were no towers down and it had to be my phone. If I try to call my voicemail, it takes about 10 seconds to connect, and at times it doesnt at all. i can, however, send texts and others receive them, but I don't receive them. When I do it's about an hour to 2 hours delayed. Anyone help? It's a rumor 2. I tried going to settings>more >data>update profile  and nothing happened. also tried taking the battery out for a few minutes. nothing...

I was asked to come here to ask for help, so here I am.

if anyone knows of what I can do, please reply. if a sprint agent is lurking the forums, please reply


Re: Rumor2 not receiving texts

Well, unfortunately I don't have any answers or solutions, but this also has happened to me. I just got my phone a few months ago and one week various people texted me and I didn't get them until like a week later all at the same time!!!!  What the????!!!  It hasn't happened since though.  Having other issues now where my screen light turns off while trying to make a call or text and when I hit the buttons on the bottom to get it to come back on, it doesn't do anything.  Have you had this happen too?

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