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SPRINT! Why won't Sprint Music Plus work on my LG Rumor?

Journeyman S7

SPRINT! Why won't Sprint Music Plus work on my LG Rumor?

For the last three days I've been trying to play my music using the Spr Music Plus app but all that's happening is an automatic phone reset. I've done the reset (##72786#) and then the service code about 20 times and it's not working! For some reason the app no longer lets me access the player. When i select the app the loading screen begins with the yellow progress bar but it doesn't even get a quarter of the way through before the phone automatically decides to reboot...every single time for three days.

After going into the File Manager (under Tools>Mass Storage) to get the the ROOT menu i can view all the folders. The folder titled "MUSIC" is where i think the problem arises. There's a subfolder with the intials "db" and once i enter it there are FOUR, invalid ETC files that keep returning once i delete them. I think these files - that do not want to stay deleted - are the culprit but I am not sure.

Sprint, you have gladly accepted my money every month for the last 8 years so can you help?

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