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White screen


White screen

I have to say I HATE HATE HATE this phone. I just gave up on it and got out an old flip phone and have had my number moved to it. I will not add on to my contract and I will not pay Sprint of LG to look at and deside if they will fix it. This is the second one of them I have had because the first one froze up. Then they deside it was a software fix. Now I have a white screen. It seams Sprint only wants to carry smart phone plans now anf if you just want to make calls and do a few text messages too bad. I have to suffer thur sprint for another 16 months and I will not be talked into keeping the service. If money wasnt so tight I would leave now. Walmart unlimited phone for less than 50 bucks a month sound good to me!!!


Re: White screen


Sorry to hear about your phone troubles. I also understand that you do not want to renew a contract with us, and you're on a tight budget (like most people). If you're interested, Sprint is introducing a pre-paid option for customers who are looking for Sprint cell service without a contract, no deposits, etc. We have plans for feature phones as well as smartphones. Sprint Pay-As-You-Go will be introduced tomorrow on 1/25/13. Let me know if you have any questions!

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