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"No content" text messages & disappearing texts


"No content" text messages & disappearing texts

My LG Rumor Reflex has been problematic from the start. The touch-screen functionality comes and goes (as I've seen discussed in previous posts), but - while it's annoying - it's fixable by opening & closing the phone.

The main problem is "no content" texts. I get them ALL THE TIME and I finally figured out a month ago that it's related to emojis. If someone puts an emoji in their text, the phone rejects the entire text and sends a "No content" message. Now that more and more people are using emojis, it happens almost every day. It's especially weird because the Rumor has its own limited menu of emojis!

A new, very serious, problem is texts disappearing. All texts from a particular person erase themselves within minutes. This happens whether I've read them or not. It means I have no record of any of our conversations, which is a drag when it comes to making plans. It also means she thinks I'm blowing her off when really I just haven't seen the texts because they've disappeared. The only helpful info I can offer is that she is alphabetically first in my list of contacts. Any clues?


It's not a signal strength problem. My phone has the most current SW (LN272SV2). I don't know anything about Airave.

Also, I'm unable to reply on this thread so I had to come in and edit my message.

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Re: "No content" text messages & disappearing texts

ValGal67 - We really sorry that you are having this inconvenience. Are you in or around Airave coverage? Sometimes there can be an issue with texting when near an Araive. I can recommend to update the profile, make sure you have plenty of signal strength. Please let us know how it goes. - Jose
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