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rumor reflex s reboots every 10 seconds still no fix?


rumor reflex s reboots every 10 seconds still no fix?

In 3/14 i renewed for 2 years. I got the rumor reflex s and have had problems since day 1.  I send text messages and the recipient never gets them . They send to me an I don't get them. Same with picture mail. Even though it says it was send they never receive it. Then it wouldn't do any updates on the phone it kept shutting down. Finally after a few weeks it did updates but the text problem was still going on.  I would be talking or texting an the phone just shut off. I could lay the phone down gently an it would turn off. Not every time but You never knew when.

     This has been going on for almost a year THEN about a month ago when I would get a  phonecall I could hear people talking to me but they couldn't hear me. I went to the sprint store yet again an was told since i didn't have insurance there was nothing they could do. To go on ebay an buy me another phone.  Mind you I have had this phone LESS THEN 1 YEAR AND STILL HAVE 1 YEAR LEFT ON MY CONTRACT. I lived without talking on the phone for about 2 weeks. Then it started working again. The other person could hear me. 

  THEN 2 WEEKS AGO My phone froze up like it always does. So I have to power it off and Most of the time it fixes the problem. If not I have to remove the battery for a bit. So it froze up so i powered it down and this time when it REBOOTED ITSELF IT JUST KEPT ON REBOOTING. Every 10 seconds. It will not get past the start up screen.  I removed the battery for a few hours an that did nothing. I have no access to my contacts,pictures anything!! 

   I took my memory card out an put it in another phone an ALL my pictures was gone. I had backed them up to the card and It deleted them all in the constant rebooting.   So I am not happy That i had this phone LESS THEN 1 YEAR and I have to purchase another one if i want to have a phone for the remainder of my year plus contract.

     I searched on here an it has been a known problem with that phone since 2011 and still no fixes for it from Sprint or LG. Sprint does not stand behind the phones it sells.  Whether you have insurance or not if Your new phone cant make it thru the 2 year contract something is majorly wrong! These phones should have been pulled off the market years ago.

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Re: rumor reflex s reboots every 10 seconds still no fix?

Moved post to the LG Rumor Reflex forum to ensure this receives the necessary attention.

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