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Alarm Clock Showing Wrong Time


Alarm Clock Showing Wrong Time

Well folks, this one has thrown me for a loop.  I'm not sure exactly at what point this started to occur.  Perhaps, it was after the last software update or the time change - springing forward an hour - I can't know for sure.  I open the alarm app and set an alarm for 2:00 AM like so:

Viper Alarm 2 AM (1).JPG

And then it winds up displaying an hour later (first alarm listed), like so:

Viper Alarm 2 AM (2).JPG

Any ideas?  The phone appears to be displaying the correct current time.  The phone also appears to be set for the proper time zone.  This alarm thing is just....weird....and frustrating because I do use my phone as an alarm clock everyday.  So much for that.  Help?



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